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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.


Artists From Across Canada

Unique Québec, Northwest Territories, and Exclusively-Online Dear Friend of TOAF, We are still buzzing about the TOAF63 artist roster. It is an exceptional representation of local, national, and even international talent—from every province and regions including Swaziland, Colombia, and Hong …

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Best of Art Fair

The highest honour at TOAF Best of Art Fair goes to Cheryl Rock It is my absolute pleasure to reintroduce you to Cheryl Rock and highlight her artistic merit and highest achievement at TOAF. Cheryl is the 2023 recipient of …

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Best of Photography

Margaret Gdyczynski Receives Best of Photography Award Congratulations! The recipients of TOAF’s Best of Photography & Digital Media and Honourable Mention have one thing in common: They push the boundaries of traditional photography. The results are dynamic works that span …

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Best of 3D.

Kevin MacLean Wins Best of 3D Works Excellence in Three-Dimensional Art Kevin MacLean uses a wide range of materials in his practice: oceanwood, wire, clock mechanisms, industrial surplus, and found objects. Engaging in a form of artistic archeology, MacLean has …

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Student Awards at TOAF

Student Winners at TOAF62. Congratulations Firouzeh Saremi Far & Stephanie Camille. Student award recipients Firouzeh Saremi Far and Stephanie Camille create paintings that make way for deeper meaning. Pigmented colours and geographic forms bring in the viewers and lead them …

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Funders & Sponsors

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