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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

The Eye of the Beholder

It’s fascinating to witness how artists behold the complex beauty of life. In this special editorial, five artists express a personal connection to the subject of their artworks through their respective materials and methods. The artists invite viewers to forge their own connections when experiencing their work, truly bringing the experience of seeing to new levels.

A Spellbinding Sight

Growing Up in Cyberland, Kulwant Singh Bhullar, 2022, Oil on canvas.

Kulwant Singh Bhullar is incredibly talented at creating hyper-realistic oil on canvas paintings. In this stunning work, Kulwant captures a moment that resonates deeply with the current times. The painting portrays a child with a fixed gaze at a cell phone screen, representing the profound impact of isolation experienced by many children during the pandemic. The artist delicately conveys technical brilliance and a heartfelt empathy for the young ones navigating a world characterized by physical distance and virtual connections. We can feel the artist’s intense desire to shed light on the emotional complexities contained within the painting. Yet, we sense Kulwant’s invitation to reflect on our collective spellbound gaze to technology and cherish connection with loved ones. Kulwant is joining the Fair for the first time this year, and we are so happy to see these works at Booth 209!

Crafted on Cloud Nine

Cloud Hoops, John Esposito, 2023, 14 Karat Fair-mined Eco Yellow Gold.

John Esposito is the skilled artisan behind these exquisite hoop earrings. Representing Malleable Jewellers, John’s pieces embody elegance and environmental consciousness. The hoops combine sustainability with style being cast from fair-mined eco gold. The cloud-shape design of the earrings creates a whimsical charm, embracing the organic forms of nature. Each delicate curve and contour showcases John’s noteworthy attention to detail. The end result is a captivating piece to adorn the wearer’s ears. This jewellery-based take on nature shows us John’s appreciation of the beauty found in the world around us. With every wear, these crafted pieces celebrate the artist’s thoughtful work and commitment to ethical practices. A definite must-have for the conscientious fashion enthusiast. See more like this at Booth 239 at the Fair!

Flying the Coop

Bigger Birds Don’t Fly, Adi Zur, 2022, Mixed media with oil on canvas.

Within a mesmerizing abstract composition, Adi Zur brings to life an enchanting blue and purple bird-figure. The work is crafted meticulously with a blend of oil paint and collage elements of newspaper clippings and photographs. Adi draws inspiration from the relentless intake of information and media that saturates our lives. The work is a contemplative piece that symbolizes the chaotic nature of media in the modern world. Adi presents a hopeful perspective on this reality. The bird figure gives us a taste of tranquility, a “calm eye to the storm,” as Adi puts it. The intricate details of the mixed media artwork speak to the artist’s ability to envision harmony amidst chaos. Adi’s artwork reminds us that within the noise and constant influx of information, a sense of clarity can be found that can allow us to navigate through life’s complexities with grace. Click through to Adi’s exclusively-online gallery to see more of the artist’s work.

Come Up to Roses

Final Bouquet, Sandra Lambert, 2023, Mixed media on panel.

Sandra Lambert is another incredible mixed media artist making meaningful connections within abstract compositions. Sandra used materials like rice paper, recycled canvas, ink, and gouache on a panel to create this piece resembling a melancholic floral bouquet. The artwork takes part in the artist’s series called, ‘Torn, Crushed, Concentrated,’ to refer to the artist’s process of material deconstruction and construction. The way the shape and bright colours of the bouquet emerge from the canvas show us how beauty can evolve from turbulent times. Sandra skillfully combines various mediums, layering textures to create a dynamic visual feast for the eyes. We commend Sandra’s demonstration of the transformative power of art. This piece inspires us to use our circumstances to find our inner radiance and be bold. See Sandra’s series in-person at Booth 232.

Strokes of Personal Touch

Technicolor dreams variation 12, Kim Atlin, 2023, Oil on canvas.

Kim Atlin provides a unique perspective on landscape, harnessing the artistic power of line, colour, and texture to heighten the experience of her artworks. In this enchanting oil painting, a serene park scene unfolds, coloured in captivating hues of pink and blue. We first notice bare trees standing tall, their branches reaching out through curved lines throughout the sky. The interplay of contrasting tones infuses the scene with a dreamlike quality, a personal invitation into the perspective of the artist. Kim’s painting invites us to explore beyond the surface of a scene and take a glimpse into an emotive world. Kim frequently changes up the style of art she presents at the Fair, and this year’s series is truly a treat. Visit Kim at Booth 30 to learn more about her 20-year journey with Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

These works are available at #TOAF62!

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