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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Get to know Erika Takacs, Stephen Perry & Pierre Demers

Erika Takacs, Stephen Perry & Pierre Demers

Recipients of 2023 
Inaugural Online Fair Awards

Here are the brilliant recipients of TOAF’s inaugural Online Fair awards

Erika Takacs’s haunting sculptures and her triumphant mastery of paper pulp and found objects captivated the awards judge. She’s been honored with The Jini Stolk Best of Online Art Fair, a $2,000 cash award, generously supported by anonymous donors in tribute to Jini’s legacy.

Stephen Perry’s hyper-stylized paintings featuring robot birds and landscapes brought him the Honourable Mention Online Art Fair – a $500 cash award by Friends of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

Pierre Demers, with his skillful paintings of dreamy worlds, is celebrated with $500 cash and a $500 gift card by Tri-Art Manufacturing, as well as the opportunity to be a Tri-Art Ambassador for one year.

We invite you to dive deeper into their works and discover what made them stand out among the 60+ Exclusively Online artists.  

We are continually excited and proud of TOAF’s online platform, which continues drawing talented artists from around the country. It allows us to present you with a dynamic mix of both familiar and fresh voices. Our online award donors truly appreciate the platform’s impact, and your ongoing interest and art purchases keep us motivated to invest energy and effort into TOAF online. We love seeing steady sales of work throughout the year. 

Also, enjoy our Spookalicious Curated Collection of the Month! 

PS. We have lined up a great roster of speakers and topics for our Professional Development series. These sessions offer not only valuable insights but also excellent networking opportunities. They are in high demand, so make sure to reserve your spot. More info below. 

Erika Takacs

Erika is an Oshawa-based sculptor, born and raised in Transylvania, a land of legends and natural wonders. Her sculptural journey started in Toronto through developing skills in clay building techniques and pottery at George Brown College, The Gardiner Museum and Studio on the Hill.

The Long Road to KnowledgeErika Takacs, 2023, Paper pulp, newsprint, coconut fibre & found objects.

From the award judge

‘Erika Takacs’ sculpture, “The Long Road to Knowledge,” is a testament to her expressive and creative abilities. Its captivating nature, combined with Takacs’ undeniable talent, makes it a standout piece. The meticulous attention to spatial and proportionate elements further enhances the sculpture’s overall impact. The thought-provoking nature of the sculpture adds a layer of depth and engages the viewer in a meaningful dialogue.’

– Lisa Wolfin, Executive Director & Founder of Art Vancouver

Call of the ForestErika Takacs, 2022, Paper pulp, newsprint, coconut fibre & found objects.

Stephen Perry

Stephen Perry’s paintings range from intimate to mythic. There is a story going on, but it’s not always apparent what it is. The recurring themes capture animals, nature, humanity, technology and the places and moments where they intersect. Stephen’s background includes photography, graphic design, filmmaking and 3D animation.

XJ 2000 Robot Bird (Charging Station Included)Stephen Perry, 2023, Oil on canvas.

From the award judge

‘Stephen Perry’s artwork titled “XJ 2000 Robot Bird (Charging Station Included)’, demonstrates a remarkable attention to detail that is truly commendable. His mastery of shape and form, depiction of depth and dimension, and overall creativity are awe-inspiring. Perry’s ability to create a consistent and convincing 3D effect throughout the entire image is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge Stephen Perry’s outstanding contribution to TOAF and recognize his remarkable artistic achievement.’

– Lisa Wolfin, Executive Director & Founder of Art Vancouver

Stephen Perry at his studio. 

Pierre Demers

Pierre Demers is inspired by nature, where the form and shape of objects stimulate his imagination and creativity to go beyond reality. Pierre enjoys creating different worlds and moods he would like to visit; a kind of dreamlike travel through the mind.

AstroportPierre Demers, 2020, Oil painting.

From the award judge

‘Pierre Demers’ artwork, “Astroport”, is a testament to his creative, and imaginative abilities. The artwork’s whimsical nature invites viewers to let their imaginations run wild. It sparks curiosity and encourages us to contemplate the possibilities that lie beyond our current reality. The artist’s skillful execution makes the artwork come to life, creating a captivating and fantastical world inviting us to partake in the artist’s vision.’

– Lisa Wolfin, Executive Director & Founder of Art Vancouver

Pierre Demers at his studio. 

Curated Collections


Curated by TOAF Team

Death is Fake and I Can Prove ItDimitrios Ikonomou, 2022, Acrylic on raw canvas.
Peek A BooRoss Bonfanti, 2022, Concrete, modelling compound, red sand & broken porcelain.

Professional Development Sessions

Date: Wednesday, October 25th, 7 – 8 PM
Location: Urbanspace Gallery, Ground Floor, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, M5V 3A8
RSVP is required to secure your spot: Register here

Date: Wednesday, November 8th, 7 – 8 PM
Location: Urbanspace Gallery, Ground Floor, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, M5V 3A8
RSVP is required to secure your spot: Register here

The Jini Stolk Creative Fellowship now open for submissions

The Ontario Arts Foundation is now accepting nominations for the Jini Stolk Creative Fellowship. The Fellowship encourages the development of the field of arts management by providing $20,000 over two years ($10,000 each year) to an arts manager of a small to mid-sized Toronto arts organization.

Individuals must be nominated for the Jini Stolk Creative Fellowship by a Toronto arts organization that employs the nominee. Read more here.

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