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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Susan Gale Path Unfolding

Susan Gale, Henry Hao and Dinesh Subramanian

Susan Gale, Henry Hao and Dinesh Subramanian

Recipients of 2023 
Mayor’s Purchase Award

Three new works by Susan Gale, Henry Hao and Dinesh Subramanian were acquired for Toronto’s Municipal Art Collection through the Mayor’s Purchase Award.

As most of you know, the Mayor assisted by City curators, attends the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair to select a work for the municipal collection through this cherished award – exclusive to TOAF since 1974. This year, the Deputy Mayor, Jennifer McKelvie, along with Cathy Malloy, Interim Chief Curator for the City of Toronto, Cheryl Blackman, Director of Museums & Heritage Services with the City of Toronto, and Asha Dahir, Manager, Operations and Stakeholder Relations office of the Mayor, selected works capturing some quintessential Toronto moments and corners. These works have found new homes at City Hall, Metro Hall and other civic buildings across the city.

We were thrilled to welcome Mayor Olivia Chow to the TOAF62 Awards Ceremony. She shared the stories of her lived experience as an artist and the fact that she was once a participating artist at TOAF.

We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Susan, Henry and Dinesh’s practices and their works. 

From left to right: Henry Hao, Mayor Olivia Chow, Susan Gale, Dinesh Subramanian & Councillor Ausma Malik and at the Awards Ceremony, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2023, July. 

Susan Gale

Susan Gale is a painter based in Toronto. Her work explores the nostalgia of community by highlighting the juxtaposition between the peaceful, quiet mystery of light and the rush of visually invoked sensation.

Through a technique of textured pointillism and a rich palette, she paints feverish urban landscapes. By employing rich hues and playful pixilation, her work seeks to investigate a space between abstraction and representation that allows for a rich, direct language of mark-making.

Floating Weightless, Susan Gale, 2023, Acrylic on cradled wood panel.

What do you listen to when you work?

I do not listen to music while I paint, ever. I listen to podcasts and true crime documentaries, or I’ll chat on the phone from time to time. I like to be almost totally distracted by a good story while I paint.

Susan Gale at her studio. 

Henry Hao

Henry Hao is a painter and watercolor illustrator based in Toronto. Through his illustrations, he offers a unique interpretation and understanding of the world. Each of his artworks creates a distinctive atmosphere, inviting viewers to engage and deepen their resonance.

In recent years, his focus has been on creating art rooted in Toronto’s urban human experience and charm. In “Toronto Impressions Series,” he aims to capture the essence of this vibrant city. 

Holiday Market, Henry Hao, 2023, Watercolour on paper.

What is your newest inspiration?

My newest inspiration lies in Toronto’s old town. I’ve been spending my weekends exploring the historic district, sitting in cozy cafes, and wandering through the markets. It’s been absolutely fantastic, and I’ve found a wealth of inspiration there. You can expect to see a series of new artworks inspired by the old town in my upcoming creations.

Henry Hao at his studio. 

Dinesh Subramanian

Dinesh Subramanian is an observant watercolour artist who has taught himself the art form. Through vibrant colours and intricate details, his artwork transports viewers into his own world. After settling in Toronto, he found inspiration in the city’s rich culture and diverse inhabitants.

He hopes his creations will encourage people to take extra time to appreciate the magnificence in their immediate surroundings. In addition to his art, Dinesh finds solace in nature and enjoys playing softball during warm summers.

Cops on HorseDinesh Subramanian, 2021, Watercolor.

Tell us a story about a recent photo in your phone gallery.

Early in the morning, we headed to PEI’s beach during low tide, excited to collect clam shells. We thought it’d be a breeze, not knowing we had to dig 3 to 4 feet deep to find them. After hours of hard work, and feeling tired, I sat in the shade with my easel, painting the beach and the lighthouse in the background.

Check out the work in progess video.

Dinesh Subramanian at his studio. 

Professional Development Sessions

Date: Wednesday, November 8th, 7 – 8 PM
Location: Urbanspace Gallery, Ground Floor, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, M5V 3A8
RSVP is required to secure your spot: Register here

As one’s career progresses, participation in art fairs may be complemented by inclusion in local groups, two-person or solo shows, perhaps teaching, and more. So how can emerging or mid-career artists create momentum and establish a trajectory for international representation?

Guest speakers Iris Häussler and Kal Mansur.

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