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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Student Winners at TOAF62.

Congratulations Firouzeh Saremi Far & Stephanie Camille.

Student award recipients Firouzeh Saremi Far and Stephanie Camille create paintings that make way for deeper meaning. Pigmented colours and geographic forms bring in the viewers and lead them to think deeply about contemporary issues and questions.

As a collector, there’s a certain thrill to collecting students’ works. It means getting in at the “ground level” of someone’s career and watching them flourish. We highly recommend it.

The Best of Student Award is generously supported by the Marie Collins Memorial Award & Artscape Award. Thank you to our ongoing supporters! As part of the Best of Student Award, the chosen artist gets the opportunity to exhibit work at Artscape Youngspace. This component of the award represents the “launching” of an artist into the realm of professional exhibitions. Congratulations to this year’s recipient—Firouzeh Saremi Far.

Meet Firouzeh Saremi Far, Best of Student Award Winner.

Endless Peace, Firouzeh Saremi Far, 2023, Acrylic.

The 2023 judge was Karen Carter, Co-Founder and Director of Black Artists’ Network and Dialogue (BAND), who noted Firouzeh’s work “has strong links to migration and settlement in her works while also commenting on the impact of colonialism in shaping the Canada we know today.”

Firouzeh Saremi Far, an OCAD University Painting and Sculpture major, explores human emotions through art. With certificates from Tehran and Dubai, her creations reflect concerns about global issues like climate change, human rights, and societal struggles. Currently, Firouzeh is working on a sculpture collection, “Shattered Harmony,” and completing four painting-sculpture collections: “Epic Of Khorramshahr,” “Discovery,” “Harmony,” and “Parts Of Me.” Her work focuses on abstract themes that address profound human matters.

Visit Firouzeh Saremi Far’s exhibition, Dreaming of a Burned Forest, at Youngplace Hallway Galleries (180 Shaw Street, Toronto) from February 19th – March 3rd, 2024.

The Winner of the Student Purchase Award Is…
Stephanie Camille.

Thank you to the House of IDEA for supporting the Student Purchase Award. In 2023, the award was given to a student veteran of the Fair: Stephanie Camille.

Three-time TOAF exhibitor Stephanie Camille is pursuing her MFA at OCAD University, specializing in oil paint. Prior, Stephanie earned a BA from Brock University and a BFA from OCAD University. Exploring a “timeless” romanticism, Stephanie creates technicolour portraits that focus on hyperfemininity performance and aesthetics in Sapphics and Lesbians. Her practice involves still-life and figure paintings in oil, digitally collaged to form a harmonious blend of traditional and digital art.

FraisinetteStephanie Camille, 2023, Digitally collaged mixed media, mounted on wood panel. 

What Students Have to Say About TOAF.
Spoiler Alert: They’re Fans. 

TOAF partners with OCAD University on two initiatives: OCAD U Career Launchers Artist & OCAD U GradEx. A reminder for students to get their applications in by February 29th to avoid late fees! You can find more information here.  

“This was my first year in participation at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Unlike other exhibitions I have taken part in, TOAF provides an environment where the sale of art is promoted, not just the exhibition of work. It was fantastic being able to interact with countless members of the public in a personal manner, allowing me to discuss my practice and promote services specific to each potential customer’s needs. I look forward to applying to the event once again in the future.”—Chris Canales-Cisneros, OCAD U GradEx, 2023 

“My experience at TOAF62 was amazing. Being in the student zone, we were able to meet many inspiring artists as well as art enthusiasts who visited our booth. The fair consisted of an immense amount of support from the organizers and volunteers that made it a successful and smooth running weekend, and it was a privilege to be a part of this art fair as a recent graduate of OCADU.”—Kiki Hamazaki, OCAD U GradEx, 2023

“I would recommend the OCAD U Career Launcher Program to other OCAD students for opportunities to open up their options and explore their interests. The experiences gained through the program are helpful in propelling students to succeed after graduation and connecting them to the community of local artists by expanding their network as emerging artists.” —Jenny Su, OCAD U Career Launchers Artist, 2023

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