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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Stephanie Camille


Since 2022, Stephanie Camille has been pursuing her MFA at OCAD University while focusing on oil paint as her preferred medium. The adaptable yet ridged medium has a ‘timeless,’ romantic quality that Stephanie loves to juxtapose with her modern, vibrant aesthetic. She is currently experimenting with digital collage and interventions that began during the pandemic when everything was online-focused. In the past years, she has received a BA from Brock University and a BFA from OCAD University, supplementing the time between school by participating in art fairs and growing an online platform that allows her to paint in front of an audience around the world.

“Like most people, I am very connected to my computer. With my art, I explore my realities through digital windows using personal poetry from my journal as inspiration. By digitally combining my oil and gouache paintings with familiar boxes and windows, I slowly try to unpack my experiences and reliance on the online world. Especially during times of isolation, loneliness and repetition, I find comfort in the constant overload of familiar windows.”

Come visit me at Booth A24 to see my art in person!
Connect with me on Instagram: @_s_camille
*All art in this collection are digital collages, produced in limited-edition series.

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