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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Space of the Future: Emerging Artist Spotlight

Say hello to a wonderful roster of emerging artists at the 62nd Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. In this special editorial, five artists give a preview of the up-and-coming flair at TOAF62. Read on to learn about the four artists painting in unique styles and the one artist making stunning trompe-l’œil jewellery. 

City Views

Above Us, Melina Cossío, 2023, Oil on canvas

Melina Cossío’s vivid blue image draws our gaze upwards at a captivating landscape. The sky, illuminated by a bright hint of yellow, envelops the scene with a sense of infinite horizons. The artist explores how the sun peaks in throughout the buildings to gently nourish the people on the city streets. As an international artist, Melina considers the feeling of being a tourist in her vibrant paintings. Melina is joining the Fair for the first time this year exclusively online. We love how Melina’s work tells a story of urban vitality and serenity, a refreshing look at city life. Melina’s painting would tie well into any contemporary urban collection in your home, studio, or downtown office. 

Life in High Contrast

After the Plague Party, Rachael Grad, 2023, Ink on Paper

This artwork by Rachael Grad considers plague as its theme, as figures of animals and children’s toys take shape in black ink. Rachael does a compelling job of intertwining innocence and darkness within the composition. Our eyes delve into the various creatures emerging from the details rendered in various values and shades of gray. There is no doubt that Rachael explores the fragility of life and the impact of unforeseen circumstances in this work. Yet, we also recognize how the work represents the resilience of the human spirit. Amidst darkness, glimpses of hope and beauty emerge to transcend boundaries of history and personal experience. Rachael joins TOAF62 in the 2D Works and Photography & Digital Media categories. See more of Rachael’s captivating artworks at Booth 13 at Nathan Phillips Square. 

Beauty Falls

Autumn Falls, Sherry Dube, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas

Sherry Dube is an excellent realist painter depicting highly detailed natural scenes. This enchanting painting of an autumn waterfall radiates a captivating beauty. Sherry’s skillful brushwork and attention to detail draw the viewer into the glory of nature. The vibrant autumn colours pop across the canvas in lovely red, orange, and golden hues. We can’t stop admiring how the interplay of light and shadow creates a sense of depth and three-dimensionality in the artwork. Can’t you imagine yourself resting along this body of water as the sun’s warm glow peeks through the trees? Invest in an artwork by Sherry to generate a sense of wonder in your collection. You can visit her at Booth 321 at the Fair.

Hitting the Nail on the Head

Shanti (white), Ellen Sears, 2022, Oil on canvas

Ellen Sears created this entrancing oil painting as part of a series called ‘Nailed It.’ Ellen creates a vivid narrative as the dark red, rusted nail emerges from the rough white wall. The artist captures the essence of the nail in stunning detail. The realist quality of the work speaks to the imagined passage of time and the stories held in this unassuming form. It is so admirable that Ellen celebrates the inherent beauty found in the vulnerability and resilience of this seemingly insignificant object. It’s always nice to witness a celebration of the little things. Keep this reminder to reflect on the beauty of the overlooked by hanging this unique piece in your intimate spaces at home. Find Ellen’s work at Booth 142 when you arrive at the Fair. 

To Trick the Eye

Artemis gold ring, Roozbeh Rastegar, 2021, Enameling, 18k Gold, and copper

We’ve got our eye on Roozbeh Rastegar’s ‘Artemis gold ring’. The ring is a great artistic accomplishment. It captures our eye as it gracefully spirals upon itself. The wearer would notice how the smooth and polished surface of the ring is contained between a copper triangle at one end and a gold triangle at the other. The intricate composition not only showcases the beauty of the materials but also plays with the viewer’s perception. Roozbeh is known for creating flat compositions on jewellery that deceive the eye into perceiving a three-dimensional form. This ring shouts elegance and craftsmanship! Enhance your accessory collection with artwork that captivates the mind. Meet Roozbeh at Booth 59 at the Fair. 

These works are available at #TOAF62!

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