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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Kulwant Singh Bhullar Wins Best of Painting.

Hyper-realistic portraits of everyday life.

Kulwant Singh Bhullar’s paintings are realistic and subtle portraits of the quiet moments of life: a toddler smiling for the first time, a loved one lying down to rest, or a moment of silent reflection on a chair. It is clear that Bhullar approaches his subjects with tenderness and respect. It’s also clear why he won Best of Painting at TOAF62: these paintings are really, really great. Brett Ledger and Patricia Olasker generously support Best of Painting. Thank you for your ongoing support of TOAF and artists!

Anu Kalra, who received Painting Honourable Mention, supported by Gwartzman’s Art Supplies, draws inspiration from the intricate tradition of Indian miniature painting. She infuses her works with vibrant colours, elaborate details, and compelling storytelling. Her contemporary landscapes and seascapes, influenced by graphic design principles and her experiences in Canada, reflect an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

We invite you to take a look at TOAF62’s Online Fair—which will be coming down March 31 to make way for the new cohort of artists. Keep reading to see our picks of artwork under $500 to collect before they’re gone!

Best of Painting: Kulwant Singh Bhullar

Lost in a Good Dream, Kulwant Singh Bhullar, 2023, oil on canvas.

Congratulations Kulwant Singh Bhullar.
“Kulwant Singh Bhullar’s work has a stunning mix of the spiritual and the physical. There is ambient light, balance, and unique brushwork. If you’re not careful, at a busy art fair, you can easily look past the patience the small details take. The compositions are strong, with visible self-love and high-level representation encased in classic decor. Love to see it! Bhullar appears to pull from culture while activating and inviting those in the wider community in, allowing his booth, his paintings and himself to have a welcoming ambiance. Bhullar’s work is carving out an individual space in the arts while allowing others to connect and celebrate heritage. Bhullar is proficient with lighting and colour selection. What stands out most to me is the small details Bhullar chooses to keep, and those Bhullar has chosen to remove. That’s a true artist.”

—Kestin Cornwall, Artist & Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design at OCAD University

Painting: Honourable Mention
Congratulations Anu Kalra.

“There appear to be a lot of cultural influences in Anu Kalra’s work, at get pulled back in time like I’ve just visited the Aga Khan Museum and then pushed back into the present with modern references with Indian and Persian influences. There is a strong sense of community, a mix of sublime and spiritual. The artist also has incorporated forces of minimalism and some abstraction within the details of the work that reminds me of the more modern super flat movement. There is balance in her work, a linear perspective, while the artist looks to create a playful sense of people and intersecting identities. Kalra’s reminds me of what’s missing in large institutions such as the AGO’s collections.”

—Kestin Cornwall, Artist & Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design at OCAD University

Fly me to the moon. Everything we achieve was once a dream. Anu Kalra, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas.

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