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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

It’s All Connected

Artists are specialized observers. They seek out experiences and transform their perspectives into visual media. In this special editorial, five artists shed light on the relationships between people, one another, and nature. What comes to mind when you think of connection? Read on to discover insightful responses from this year’s roster of artists.

Where do the birds go to recharge?

Black Capped Robot Charging Station, Stephen Perry, 2023, Oil on canvas.

Stephen Perry’s charming blue-hued painting is a remarkable scene! Stephen imagines a robot bird wearing a helmet, casually plugged in to charge. The subject of the painting is a visionary head-turner. The bird’s intricate details and wiring create a distorted understanding of functionality, technology, and beauty. The image of the bird emanates a soft glow, contrasting beautifully with the surrounding blue tones. Stephen’s thought-provoking piece masterfully blurs the line between nature and technology. The artist’s skillful use of colour and realism leaves us captivated by the comparison between the robot bird’s delicate grace and the brutal mechanics that sustain it. Stephen is participating in the Fair exclusively online this year, so be sure to check out more of his whimsical paintings on his online profile.

Along the Shorelines of Temagami Lake

Temagami Frequencies, Pearl Van Geest, 2023, Oil and cold wax on board.

Pearl Van Geest used photographs taken along the shorelines of Temagami Lake as reference to create this otherworldly artwork. The artist expresses the spiritual experience of the trip through this mesmerizing painting. By rotating the perspective of a shoreline, Pearl creates a new perspective on a natural dichotomy like land and water to comment on other concepts of duality like human and non-human, and maleness and femaleness. Pearl’s investigation into this stunning visual concept is informed by queer ecology theories. The experience of colour in Pearl’s work is unmistakable. The red and green hues contrast to pique our interest, while the blue and orange hues tie the artwork together to create a relaxing visual experience. Collect one of Pearl’s to engage in spiritual, scholarly, and site-specific contemplation each time you experience the artwork. Meet Pearl at the Fair and see the work in-person at Booth 165.

The Cloudy Night

Ode To Night, Amita Sen Gupta, 2022, Oil on wood.

Amita Sen Gupta’s oil on wood painting portrays a beautiful scene of a cotton candy sunset descending below a blue cloudy sky. Wow, what a sight. Amita skillfully uses the medium to create a gorgeous play of colour and texture. The dynamic clouds remind us of an image painted in Van Gogh’s eye, like “The Starry Night.” Viewers are able to immerse themselves into the peaceful setting to calm their emotions, spirit, and mental state. It’s hard to miss the interplay between the vibrant red sun and the cool blue sky. The contrasting colours work together to evoke the feeling of tranquility and balance. Amita creates these dreamy artworks to draw upon our memories. The artist profoundly relates the experiences of memory, emotion, and nature: “For me, in looking outward, you are actually looking inward.” You can collect one of Amita’s passionate artworks by checking out the artist’s exclusively online gallery.

Heart of Bananas

Banana Lovers, Diana Rosa, 2023, Acrylic on canvas.

Diana Rosa’s acrylic on canvas painting is a colourful hit! Diana never fails to represent the sustaining quality of loving relationships and the natural world. We are welcomed by two flexible figures in patterned outfits on the top and bottom of the composition. At the top, the pink polkadot figure stands in a grounded squat serving bunches of bananas interwoven with their hair. The figure at the bottom, sporting blue patterned outfit, eagerly receives nourishment to complete this symbolic exchange of energy and care. The scene appears in front of a lush leafy green background, tying the artwork together as a gorgeous display of bounty and sustenance. Diana’s work is a captivating visual relationship of the interconnectedness of human relationships. We love to see how the artist highlights the significance of nurturing and supporting one another. Talk to Diana about the importance of compassion, care, and mutual reliance at Booth 226.

Art in Motion

Winter Nocturne #1 (#1 of 7), Steve Kean, 2023, Acrylic on canvas.

Steve Kean’s soft blurred photograph captures the enchanting beauty of a winter night scene on a foggy beach. The contrast in the work is awesome: The light blue high-tide gently approaching the nearby dark forest is an engaging sight. Through the dimness, we can see the soft curves of the waves meet the rugged silhouette of the trees. As described by the artist, the images of this series called “Moving Landscapes” were taken in-motion on trains and buses. The artist forms a physical connection between the natural world and human technology in creating this work. The connection is invigorated by the artist’s determination to overcome barriers to creating art and visually reflects their creative process. Steve reminds us that artistic expression has no boundaries. The artist’s work opens up new doors of perception and invites us all to appreciate the world through a lens of empathy and inclusivity. View Steve’s work up close and in-person at Booth 305 at the Fair.

These works are available at #TOAF62!

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