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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

I have come to understand my use of ‘meditative’ with respect to  landscapes, as our underlying commitment to nature through  painting, is all about light and water, neither of which can be  painted directly. Treating light as pure source, the paintings are  an expression /realization of its effects’   water being transparent, always different, lets us explore /express  its infinite appearance through the very reflections that try to confine  it. Water is a perfect source of abstraction, transparent; we paint  the reflected sky above, the bottom revealed by passing clouds,  the edges contained by forests all around all sides.

(sold!) water lilies n wild rice 26 sun low in the sky

Micheal Zarowsky
water lilies n wild rice 26 sun low in the sky 12" x 16" / watercolour / acrylic painted directly on gessoed panel /
What I have always found and understood to be beautiful, has come when I am able to lose myself, become one with where I
am; there is a completeness, then; everything is simple and everything is complicated at the same time, my paintings have
an overall simplicity or directness to them yet are made up of all the complicated stuff that is that simplicity.
40.64 × 30.48 × 5.08 cm
watercolour / acrylic

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