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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Worth Gallery Presents: Outdoor/Indoor
An art exhibit featuring TOAF award winners.

Exhibition Dates: January 11th-January 28th, 2024

Reception: Thursday, January 11th, 2024. 6 PM-10 PM. Open to all.

Address: 830 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1V3

Exhibition Text:

Outdoor/Indoor, an exhibition at Worth Gallery, brings together five award-winning artists that depict city life. Curated by Adrian Hayles, the exhibition includes hyper-realistic cityscapes alongside abstract sculptures in materials like plexiglass and cement. The effect is a three-dimensional show that immerses the viewer in the city. From Josee Tellier’s paintings that use perspective to invite the viewer into the intricate worldbuilding she’s created, to Emily MacLennan’s detailed paintings of the facades and cracks of Toronto. Ross Bonfanti’s sculptures look like they were born from the cement that makes up a city to Hyun Young Yang’s reflective surfaces that are reminiscent of an office building reflecting the sun. 

Worth Gallery is firmly rooted in downtown Toronto, located at the busy intersection of Dundas and Bathurst. The focus on contemporary street art makes sense, given murals, graffiti, and impromptu art installations in local parks and walls surrounding the location. In the exhibition Outdoor/Indoor, a different form of street art is displayed: not in the traditional medium of spray paint, but through a deep examination of the city and the forms it takes place. The exhibition captures the feeling of a city. 

Emily MacLennan’s art gracefully captures the urban atmosphere, and her mood-setting colour palette immerses you in the essence of each location. Hyun Young Yang‘s works exude contagious energy, offering a cynical reflection on our modern obsession with selfies and appearance. Margaret Gdyczynski‘s art draws you into the intricate web of ghostly reflections that weave through time and space. Ross Bonfanti’s diabolical juxtaposition of industrial materials with delicate subjects challenges your senses and perception. Lastly, Josée Tellier’s sculptural materials and vibrant colour palette create enchanting scenic tapestries that resonate with all who behold them. Each artist’s unique vision adds a distinct layer to this captivating exhibition, inviting you to explore the rich tapestry of contemporary art.

Each artist received the 2023 Worth Gallery Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair—a cornerstone of the Toronto art world for the last 63 years. Worth Gallery is pleased to bring the five artists together again in the context of a gallery exhibition. Please join us as we celebrate and start the new year off right with Outdoor/Indoor at Worth Gallery.

See you there!

Worth Gallery is a Contemporary art gallery in Toronto, Ontario, specializing in Urban Art.

About Curator Adrian Hayles: Blurring the lines between graffiti and ultra-realism, Adrian’s voice and vision are instantly identifiable.  His works include countless portraits and illustrations for various magazines and collaborations with the City of Toronto to develop murals for vacant community spaces.  In the past, Adrian has painted complete buildings and city blocks, including the world’s second-largest independent mural, the Yonge Love Murals that is 22 storeys tall and covers 6,700 square meters.  Adrian has designed award-winning video games and animated television shows.  He has also successfully developed and patented the Stud Horse Foldable Drawing Bench and is the Principal and Founder of Worth Gallery in Toronto’s core.

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