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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Hyun Young Yang

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 20

Hyun Young Yang is an interdisciplinary artist born in South Korea. Yang expands her artistic reach beyond the two-dimensional space of canvas to three-dimensional work, video and interactive art.

Her artistic practice started basically from the point that what we see is not everything. She has more interest in expressing what is invisible, rather than simply drawing what is seen as it is. In this regard, skull images are often seen in her works. She says that underneath the clothes, there are flesh and muscles, and underneath them, there are bones, which are the most basic elements that humans can stand, walk, eat, and laugh.

Such her interest has expanded to subjects such as human essence and identity. This is why she focuses on exploring the meaning of human life in relation to her personal experiences and visualizing it. She does not limit her use of materials and methods in expressing them. It challenges her work to be more diverse and interactive. Her work based on this is an extension of how she sees her life—and as such, all lives. It questions viewers about how they see their lives and how they are going to unfold. Such questions, that is, self-reflection, are induced through interaction with the work by making viewers encounter the instability of life through various materials and methods. For this, she expresses psychological emotional states—the anxiety, doubt, frustration and confusion felt by human beings—with visual strategies such as distortion and reflection.

Worth Gallery Award

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