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July 12 – 14, 2024.

TOAF60 Jurors’ Picks

View the stand-out pieces from TOAF60, handpicked by the 2021 Jurors

After reviewing over 840 artist applications, our panel of jurors selected a handful of their top picks in a beautifully curated collection.

Julia Agnes

Out to Dry, Julia Agnes, 2021, polymer, mixed media and wood
"Julia's ability to breathe life into her figurative sculptures is astonishing. There is a resounding sincerity in each figure that is magnetic." – Adrian Hayles

Dorion Scott

Halo 1 Solid (source: Hagia Sophia 6th century), Dorion Scott, 2020, glass beads hand sewn on to sheer organza/wood support
"A beautifully understated approach to the subject matter, Dorian’s glass bead work references a halo from the Hagia Sofia in Instanbul that appears to hover magically in space." – Joanne Tod

Alex Kinsley Vey

Emerald Street 03, Alex Kinsley Vey, 2020, steel, sterling silver, hydrostone
"Bold and understated, Alex Kinsley’s use of form, structure, colour and texture in a jewellery scale effectively highlights beauty in overlooked places." – Annie Tung

Michelle Marin

Bisabuela (Great Grandmother), Michelle Marin, 2021, yarn, fabric and acrylic paint on linen canvas
"Michelle Marin judiciously combines embroidery, paint, and fabric to create endearing portraits of the people in her life, using a bold colour palette that is fresh and exciting." – W.W. Hung

Sandra Manzi

Translucent #2, Sandra Manzi, 2021, oil on canvas
"Sandra’s luminous paintings are technically superb. The layering of transparent colour creates enigmatic space and depth that both occludes and reveals the embedded imagery." – Joanne Tod

Brad Turner

Redundant Vessels Pair (5 & 6), Brad Turner, 2018, hand blown glass without the use of molds
"With clean lines, balanced proportions, and impeccable technique, Brad Turner demonstrates his keen design sense and mastery of his craft." – W.W. Hung


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