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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

The recipients of Best in 2D Works

The works of Alex Thompson and Alan McIntosh

Alex Thompson and Alan McIntosh’s works are different depictions of the same thing: the industrial landscape of cities. If Thompson’s prints are hyper-realistic greyscale cityscapes, McIntosh’s are abstract assemblages compiled of the medium that cities are built of. Both have familiar vanishing points that draw the viewer in. 

We’re excited to welcome Petroff Gallery as a generous supporter of our 2D Works Honourable Mention. They’re in good company with Extrudex Aluminum, a longtime supporter of TOAF artists. 

Best in 2D Works: Awarded to Alex Thompson

Supported by Extrudex Aluminum

Fantasia on the Kirkfield Lift Lock, Alex Thompson, 2023, Etching.

“Being selected as the recipient of the Best in 2D Works award at this year’s TOAF was a truly gratifying and affirming highlight of the summer. The entire event was a whirlwind of thoughtful conversations, concerted outpourings of energy from all the artists and organizers, and exciting moments of connection,” Alex Thompson noted.  

The award was judged by Mark Zadorozny, Director of Mark Christopher Gallery.  “Alex Thompson shows design excellence and workmanship found in three distinct printing techniques: etching, aquatint, and dry-point. These images are well thought out and excellently executed to render a quality that merits the showcase of first place in this year’s Toronto Outdoor Art Fair,” said Zadorozny about Thompson’s work. 

In his multidimensional practice, Thompson navigates the realms of printmaking, installation, and drawing. Thompson’s prints craft monochromatic narratives using architectural elements.

Thompson’s research investigates the histories, economies, and properties of materials like concrete, copper, gypsum, glass, and brick. Thompson unpacks the politics, power structures, and economic drivers embedded in the urban environment. His work challenges viewers to reconsider their understanding of space, acknowledging the profound histories woven into the contemporary landscape.

2D Honourable Mention: Alan McIntosh
Supported by Petroff Gallery

“Alan McIntosh’s exploratory method of compiling fragmented cut wood pieces has a playful appeal. The workmanship and compositional presentation are of quality standard. Alan’s ability to experiment with repurposed wood panels creates a uniquely designed composition, pleasant colour palette, and textural dichotomy that challenges the work’s sense of completeness. His awareness of juxtaposing open light-coloured space with dark dense areas of colour is important in composition. Well executed work.”
—Mark Zadorozny, Director of Mark Christopher Gallery

Alone on a plain, Alan McIntosh, 2022, Mixed Media.

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