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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

The TOAF63 Roster

We love our jury ❤️

Dear Friend of TOAF,

The moment we have been waiting for is here. We are presenting you with the artist roster of the 63rd Toronto Outdoor Art Fair! 

This year’s artist roster is yet again that magical mix of new and familiar! You will get to see new works by artists who have shown with us for many years (aka TOAF veterans) and discover new first-time participants (TOAF rookies). 

Our Jury was made up of artists and art professionals from various backgrounds and disciplines. Noni Kaur, Julie Moon, Derek Liddington, and Melanie Trojkovic were careful, passionate, and discerning– a perfect jury for this complex selection process. They intently combed through a record-high 1080+ applications to present you with 400 artists that will be at Nathan Phillips Square and Exclusively Online Fair. Their selection reflects dynamic perspectives and contemporary expressions from artists from across Canada. 

You are now tasked with familiarising yourself with the TOAF63 artist roster on our artists directory and getting ready for epic gathering of artists and art lovers at Nathan Phillips Square on July 12 – 14 and online at  ????

Mark your calendars! 

Executive & Creative Director

Meet our Jurors

From top left: Derek Liddington; Julie Moon; Melanie Trojkovic; Noni Kaur

Derek Liddington holds a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and an MFA from Western University. He enriches the local art scene in Toronto and across Canada with his focus on video and performance.

Julie Moon, a ceramic artist, draws inspiration from material and process, taking inspiration from the Pattern and Decoration movement of the 70s and 80s. With a teaching role at OCADU and TSA, she contributes significantly to the city’s artistic fabric.

Deeply rooted in Toronto’s art community, Melanie Trojkovic serves as Gallery Director at United Contemporary, advocating for diverse voices. With over fifteen years of experience in the art world, her impact is felt globally. Trojkovic has a Masters of Art Curatorship from the University of Melbourne.

Noni Kaur, an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, explores intersectional identity through her works. A professor and artist, Kaur focuses on ambitious cellular mapping works stemming from being a Singaporean woman of Punjabi descent in Canada.

Jurors’ Picks

Kale Vandenbroek

The Pursuit of Something Golden, Kale Vanderbroek, 2022, Acrylic on Canvas with Brass.

“Vanderbroek’s paintings are stoic self-portraits in which the figure and ground share equal space. In these highly detailed works we see the male figure embodying their environment, in some cases moving both in and out of space, in other moments morphing into the foliage at large. In these works we are reminded of the fragility of masculinity as a construct as well as its dependance of space and environment. Vanderbroek’s works ask us to question ideas masculinity, whilst also building new forms in which to understand it.” —Derek Liddington 

Emily Au

Bacon Vessel, Emily Au, 2022, stoneware, underglaze, glaze.

“Au’s work is both playful and abject.  Through her series of trompe l’oeil ceramics, Au turns what would normally be served on/in ceramic containers, into the container. In this way, Au is able to straddle fields of traditional craft practice, with sculpture and painting.”  —Julie Moon

Alexander Millington

W/hole 1, Alexander Millington, 2023, collage with acid-free paper and adhesive.

“Millington’s works are stunningly experimental, expressive and unique that they evoke a certain elegance to the superimposed figurative imagery. The fluidity of the forms almost dance with one another which I truly love and monochromatic palette using experimental photo methods demands relative attention and engagement from the viewer. Stunning work!” —Noni Kaur

Negar Nakhai

Gorbeh Rug, Negar Nakhai, 2024, hand tufted rug with quebec wool.

“Negar Nakhai’s textile pieces are a celebration of colour and lush materiality, drawing inspiration from traditional Iranian mythologies to explore themes of queer identity within the diaspora. Nakhai’s work serves as a reminder of the richness that comes from embracing multiple cultural influences, which reflects the vibrancy and diversity that we share within Toronto’s community.” —Melanie Trojkovic

Stella Obedi

Clovis, Stella Obedi, 2024, acrylic, collaged images on canvas.

“Obedi’s works are relevant stories that many viewers can relate and connect to. The use of imagery that evokes a strong sense of connections to many viewers who share the same common traits of displacement, diversity and loss. The works are quick, edgy, vigorous, bold, beautiful, and stunning modes of visual storytelling through the play on perspective and the use of mixed media.” —Noni Kaur

Sarah Young

Untitled, Sarah Young, 2023, Oil on canvas, unstretched..

“Young’s work exudes an enigmatic charm. Through figurative painting, she taps into the elusive nature of memory using polaroids as her reference material, to create haunting images that blur the line between past and present. Her process requires building up layers of paint in order to reveal her image, literally adding depth to the canvas and to her subject.” —Julie Moon

Curt Gaudon

Wildflowers, symphony, Curt Gaudon, 2023, Acrylic on canvas paper mounted on wood panel.

“Gaudon’s works instantly grabbed my attention. Not for their palette or painterliness, instead, I was drawn to the combination of their subject matter and composition. Gaudon presents to us the natural world; cropped, isolated from the conventional framing of landscape painting. There is no horizon, skyline, river, or even a branch to give us a sense of scale or place. Instead we see foliage, painted plein-air, cropped in such a way that we strain to understand its surroundings. These captivating works ask us to look, focus, and look some more.” —Derek Liddington

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