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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Meet Amanda Arcuri Winner of Best of Photography & Digital Media Award

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Amanda Arcuri, the winner of 2019 Best of Photography and Digital Media – a cash prize of $2,000 by our friends at Toronto Image Works (TIW).

Yesterday, we kicked off our new series, The Artist is Present, with an Instagram Live tour of TIW facilities and the energetic and informative chat between Amanda and Jeannie Baxter, TIW's Managing Director. They touched on different topics such as variety of services that TIW provides artists, the production process of Amanda's work and how skilled TIW technicians collaborate with artists like Amanda to bring their vision to life. Make sure to tune in while you still can to catch this tour. It is a great behind-the-scenes peek. 

"We are so happy to help Amanda with her production. Her art is unique, thought provoking and beautiful."

– Jeannie Baxter, Managing Director, Toronto Image Works

We are all taken by Amanda's Shot in the Dark series, and how she accentuates the beauty of decaying foliage with her poetic photographs. We hope you enjoy getting to know her and her work as much as we have. 


Meet Amanda Arcuri

Amanda Arcuri (centre) receiving her award with Jeannie Baxter, Toronto Image Works, and Greg Staats, Artist and 2019 Award Judge

On winning the Best of Photography
& Best of Digital Media awards

"Winning the award was such an honour. I felt wonderful to be acknowledged for the hard work I put into my projects. I felt the ceremony was a nice touch as I was able to meet the donors and thank the judge. 

I really loved being including on one of the art talk tours and being able to answer questions and discuss process with a group of interested art lovers. I had many photographers come to my booth over the course of the weekend just to see my work because I was an award winner! It felt great to connect with my community that way." 


The Judge also gave me a lot of excellent feedback into the work I was producing and we had a very worthwhile conversation. 

Lastly, it felt Iike such an honour to win the award as Toronto Image Works, the sponsor of the award, is actually my lab and I work very closely with them. 

Thank you again for the experience! It was a memorable and very worthwhile weekend."



"A Shot in the Dark 02", Amanda Arcuri

Her practice, in her own words

"In my photographic practice, I am interested in our connection with the natural world around us. I explore this through various photographic techniques like dramatic lighting, long exposures, and photo merging. Photographs are shot often on large format film to make reference to photographic history and not digitally manipulated. I aim to contemplate notices of the altered landscape, photographic tropes of nature and our relationship with space and the “natural”.

Typically I am drawn to easily accessible sites or seemingly un-picturesque foliage that might be considered mundane or overlooked. I illustrate these spaces or depict scenes in a way that are not normally seen to re-examine our relationship with them. I hope to push what an altered landscape can be, explore the performative act of photographing, and further question the relationship between indoor and outdoor space."


"A Shot in the Dark 11", Amanda Arcuri

About A Shot in the Dark

"Lit with stained glass, A Shot in the Dark works through failed hopes and rituals of letting go or bringing new life. Dead floral bouquets or decorative plants are ignited by flame in darkness and then lit through a stained glass window to contemplate transcendence."

"A Shot in the Dark 04", Amanda Arcuri
Amanda Arcuri's website
Follow @Amanda_Arcuri

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