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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Joon Hee Kim shares why you should be part of TOAF60

As our TOAF60 Call for Artists and Makers is currently underway, we approached some of our seasoned participating artists to share what TOAF has done for their careers. In this edition, award-winning artist and TOAF alumni Joon Hee Kim shares her story with us.

I think TOAF is definitely one of the most unique Art Fairs in the world. When you’re at the Fair, you’re instantly given a very intensive opportunity to show your work to so many different audiences, and they respond to you with all kinds of different feedback. I had so many great memories and experiences that I’ve cherished over the years.

Through TOAF, I continue to grow and continue to get diverse opportunities for my career.

-Joon Hee Kim

Since 2014, Joon Hee has received multiple TOAF Awards, including Best of Ceramics (a $3,000 Cash and Purchase award) by our cherished donors Aaron Milrad & the late Brenda Coleman, and Best of Craft & Design ($2,000 cash award) by our long-term donors and friends of TOAF, Extrudex Aluminum. 

How does it feel to have won so many TOAF awards over the years?

Recently, I was the recipient of the Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics. I couldn’t have had this honour without all the experiences that have expanded my career at TOAF. Winning an award at the Fair certainly feels like proof of recognition, and they have also brought more attention to my work. As a result, they have given me incredible motivation to confidently move forward with my artist practice. TOAF’s awards program has been very important for my career, and I feel very proud and privileged to be one of its recipients.

What would you say to an artist who is thinking about applying to be part of TOAF60?

I started participating at TOAF when I was still in college. Now, when I think about how I was back then, I grew quite a bit as an artist each year, step by step. Being part of TOAF means you have to think about things like how to set up your tent, how to layout your booth… It’s definitely challenging for sure, but that sensational feeling of just being at the site in person, among hundreds of artists, talking to people about your work, and the different and diverse feedback you get from everyone — that will make up for all of the pressure you felt before the Fair, and all the hard work you have put in, in unimaginable ways throughout your career.

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