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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Halos and Laces ⭕

Focused exploration and intricate execution is a common thread in both Dorion Scott and Maria Doering’s works. 

Dorion Scott’s minimal mixed-media halos are simply sublime. She received the Best of 2D Works Award, supported by Extrudex Aluminum. 

Maria Doering’s meticulous interpretation of layered patterns in the human body is mesmerizing. Maria received the 2022 Best of Paper Award by The Japanese Paper Place

We hope you enjoy getting to know their work.  

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Dorion Scott

Recipient of Best of 2D Works

In Dorian Scott’s work, the halo is representative of the divine in art, yet, there is no reference to its existence in Bible texts. It is an abstract form created by artists to illuminate the consecrated.

‘O’ represents a collection of halos sourced and isolated from the art of Madonna. Each halo is reconstructed on a sheer support with materials designed to coruscate light. This structure establishes shadow, and permits the consideration of a halo’s individual expression.

Perception of the reinvented circular composition can then reflect the authentic idea of human authorship.

Pink Glass (source unknown Ecuadorian artist 17th C), Dorion Scott, 2021, Glass beads on sheer organza wood support.

From the award judge

Dorion’s work is focused, minimal and elegant. She has referenced many different moments in the history of art and used diversity in materials to do so.

– Michael Klein, Director, MKG127 Gallery

A group of Dorion Scott‘s works.

Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

I would say Robert Irwin. His work with light and space is transcendent. My favourite of his works is ‘Scrim veil—Black rectangle—Natural light’. He strategically suspends gossamer fabrics in large spaces. As a result, the light is diffused and captured, causing otherworldly effects.

Maria Doering
Recipient of Best of Paper

For more than 10 years and counting, Maria has explored the complex patterns and textures that make up a person. She calls this layered pattern work “Lacery”, and it is her attempt to visualize what is going on beneath the surface, to answer the question of what we are made of beyond flesh and bone. Lacery is about imagining the sum total of a person’s character, personality, physicality, feelings, illnesses, energies, difficulties and ideas. It is her attempt at a visual representation of the internal dialogue which takes place in all of us.

The “Cells, Souls and Personalities” series of linocuts gives these intangibilities a voice, to bring them to the surface and anchor them in the visible world. It is a journey deep into the Lacery of a person, distilling it to a single cellular level. What would the smallest part be made of? A single cell. A creative cell. An adventurous cell. An ambitious cell. Possibly a courageous cell.   

The Adventurous Soul, Maria Doering, 2017, Linocut on Shoji Baika Natural.

From the award judge

Maria Doering and her work “A Natural State of Being” is innovative and timely and finely executed. Her intricate linocuts inspire us to see cell structures in a positive light, at once reminiscent of space, medieval lace-making, and of contemporary graphics along with the complex layering of the world we live in.

– Nancy Jacobi, Founder of The Japanese Paper Place & Tara Moore-Jones, President of The Japanese Paper Place

Maria Doering in her studio.

Describe your studio space

It’s the land of many tables. I am a multi-disciplinary artist so my studio space tends to wear many hats and is ever-changing. I have a table with a small printing press installed for teaching workshops or for printing small works at home, and a table for inking and my big drawing table, which also doubles as a carving station or as space for framing. When I’m not using an actual table I’m converting other pieces of the studio into the workspace, like my flat files with a cutting mat laid on top for cutting paper, which does double duty (triple duty?) as a standing table for painting. Recently I’ve had to bring in a folding table for additional work space when I was surprised to realize that there was just not enough table space!

Curated Collection

Spring Vibes
By the TOAF Team

Petri Dish, Lena Binnington, 2022, Copper, enamel and sealant. Available at
Begin Again, Jennifer Anne Kelly, 2022, Glass sculpture in a glass box with copper trim. Available at

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