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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Get to know Steve Stober and Ava Margueritte

Today, we offer a special artist highlight from two first-time TOAF artists, one a masterful documentarian with a sharp eye for capturing moments in time and an emerging storyteller with a keen sense for capturing emotions.  

Steve Stober has photographed and preserved some iconic moments and portraits throughout his rich and long career. He presented a portfolio of his timeless works from the 1970s at TOAF60. This earned him the Best of Photography & Digital Media award, generously supported by our partners, Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

This past summer, Ava Margueritte joined us at stackt market all the way from Ottawa. We felt honoured that she trusted our platform and took a leap with us during uncertain times. We were mesmerized by her subtle and daring explorations of her emotions and state of being through self-portraits. Ava received the Honourable Mention Photography, supported by our new friends at Jeremy Does Art Prints. ​​

It is wonderful to have had the chance to get to know Steve and Ava’s works, and introduce them to you. Enjoy!

Steve Stober  2021 Best of Photography & Digital Media

"Steve Stober is a skilled documentarian who seems to capture some of the most iconic quotidian and pop-culture moments that could be found across Toronto and Montreal in the 1970s. I was instantly drawn to this collection because of the intentionality in the image composition and choices in diptych combination, but really it's the ease in which each moment is so expertly captured that held my attention."

– Anique Jordan, Artist, Writer, Curator, and 2021 Judge of Best of Photography & Digital Media

Streetscape with War is Over Billboard, Montreal, 1970Steve Stober, Archival gelatin silver photograph.

About Steve's work

Steve Stober is an established Canadian portrait photographer, whose work is represented in the Portrait Gallery of Canada. He first picked up a Rolleiflex camera in 1969. Over fifty years later, in a career spanning over 35 years, he has photographed people from all walks of life and in many parts of the world. 

His work is known for its authenticity, originality and sensitivity.    

In 2019, he published a volume of photographs, Stephen Stober: Photographs, 1969-2019

He still shoots commissioned portraits, and his work is sold in galleries and directly to collectors.

Canadian Soldier PLUS Grafitti during October Crisis, Montreal, Diptych, 1970Steve Stober, Archival gelatin silver photograph. Still available for purchase at

On receiving the award

"It came as a complete surprise when I was awarded Best in Photography & Digital Media at the 2021 TOAF.

It was especially gratifying to see photographs that I had shot so long ago as a young street photographer, be brought to the light again and recognized for its artistic merits. This work has always been special to me as it set me on a lifelong path as a photographer.  

I am proud of my accomplishments, of the recognition I received and the support of the entire community of artists, photographers and the people working so diligently at TOAF to make it all happen.

Thank you for this award. I will always be proud to have received it."

View more of Steve's works

Ava Margueritte – 2021 Honourable Mention Photography

"I found the works by Ava Margueritte to have both a strong conceptual through line and a quiet poetics that drew me towards returning to her photography several times. Her lighting choices, framing of the body and colour pallet are brilliantly executed and speak to her skills as a talented photographer and multidisciplinary artist."

– Anique Jordan, Artist, Writer, Curator, and 2021 Judge of Best of Photography & Digital Media

Behind Closed DoorsAva Margueritte, 2017, Pigment Ink on Paper. Still available for purchase at

About Ava's work

Ava Margueritte is a neurodiverse multidisciplinary artist, primarily focused on photo-based works and drawing, painting, and writing. She has a BFA from OCAD University in Fine Arts Photography and a Diploma from School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa. Using various photographic mediums, she explores different narratives to document physical reactions to other emotional states. By absorbing her surroundings, she evaluates the connection between body and mind.

Bow EchoAva Margueritte, 2019, Pigment Ink on Paper. Still available for purchase at

On her TOAF experience

"Overall, I had a very positive TOAF experience. What I really liked was connecting with other artists and going through the application process. You can take that feedback and apply it to other applications, publications, and opportunities… I would really love to experience Nathan Phillips Square. Having Fair experience is very important."

You can still watch a recording of our live interview and mini tour of Ava's creative space on our Instagram Videos.

View more of Ava's works

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