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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Get to know Jogi Makhani, 2020 Best of 3D Works

Jogi's beautiful sculptural works exhibit very high technical skill combined with admirable restraint. Celebrating the spiritual soul of the materials, the artist imbues each unique object with universal meaning. Lovingly selected specimens of stone, wood and cast metal are subtly smoothed and minimally embellished to enhance their individual personality and design. The artist's organic forms suggest mysterious totems, fantastical architectures or the seeds of a utopian world.
– Francisco Alvarez, Executive and Artistic Director of OCAD U Galleries, Judge of Best of 3D Works

Image: Jogi Makhani, creating in his studio

Jogi Makhani was born in Ottawa, ON before his family moved to India where he spent the first 30 years of his life. He completed his BFA in Painting, MFA in Print Making, and studied Bronze Casting in India. He spent a year at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France before deciding to come back to Canada. He has participated in various art shows, group shows and solo shows in India, France, Canada, and the USA.

Image: The Seed, Jogi Makhani, claro walnut, coloured resin and light, 2018

Jogi on his approach to making…

To me, art is life. It’s a personal experience. It’s the journey between birth and death. Our inability to communicate, our fears…desires, drives us to seek a language to express in. And so I seek.

– From his illuminating interview with Glodeane Brown on Culture Fancier

Image: Meditation, Jogi Makhani, bronze powder cold cast resin, 2019

Jogi on winning this year…

It was totally unexpected, humbling, and a pleasant surprise. It gave me a sense of accomplishment having won the award. TOAF is a very well-organized show which was evident last year having to go online. Amidst the chaotic Covid times, it was a soothing, exciting distraction. The commitment and passion the entire team has shown in their work was inspiring. I will forever treasure the moment.

Visit Jogi's TOAF artist page.
Follow him on Instagram: @jogimakhani

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