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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Fresh Visions in Form and Function

“Form follows function” is a well-known phrase to students and lovers of architecture. In this special editorial, we discover a fresh, harmonized perspective on the connection between form and function. These featured TOAF61 artists make thoughtful consideration of material, art type, and the possibilities of physical form to ask: How can the shape, form, or properties of an artwork influence its function and significance to the viewer?


Loving Form

Kimberlite Heart Locket in Rose Gold, John Esposito, 2021, 14K Rose gold, diamonds, rubies, 1.5 x 1.5 inch

At Malleable Jewellers, John creates stunning fine jewellery pieces to compliment any occasion. Made from 14 karat rose gold, diamonds, and rubies, the Kimberlite Heart Locket in Rose Gold is a delicately sculpted heart-shaped piece with elegant, organic shaped details that stand out from the smooth surrounding surface. The distinct colour of this rose gold metal piece adds to the detailed form of this piece, communicating a raw and genuine understanding of love that is lavish and beautiful. One can imagine the piece resting close to the true heart of the wearer, deepening the connection to cherished loved ones memorialized in the locket.

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Materiality & Curiosity


The Sitting Man, Mrityunjay Awasthy, 2022, Wood, acrylic, mixed media, 16 x 20 x 5.5 inch

Mrityunjay is a multi-disciplinary artist commonly working with text, sound, and image. At TOAF61, Mrityunjay presents a special collection of carefully constructed 2D works. For one, The Sitting Man is a 2D sculptural piece made from wood, acrylic, and other media sticking out from a light-coloured textured base. The viewer is called to appreciate the red, green, and yellow coloured forms that make up a unique collective body of the piece. Ultimately, the viewer is left with an uncanny visual tension between the unified image of a seated man and a textured collection of distinct materials. In this piece, Mrityunjay presents a thoughtful use of materials that encourages curiosity and engagement, allowing us to participate in constructing meaning.

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Expressive Possibilities


Ataraxis, Ellen Sears, 2020, Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 x 1.5 inch

Ellen uses a brush and palette knife to create the expressive oil paintings in the “Nailed It” series. Ataraxis is one of Ellen’s pieces that depicts close-up perspectives of metal nails hammered into place. The viewer can appreciate the characteristic qualities of each nail depicted by Ellen. For instance, the nail shown to us in Ataraxis appears as if it has been hammered at a downward angle as it sticks out upward to face the viewer. As the white wall seems to crumble around this rusted nail, once painted white itself, we appreciate the highlights and shadows that provide depth and detail to the artwork. In the end, the illustrated form in Ellen’s oil painting expresses the beauty found in the vulnerable perspective of a hammered nail.

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A Precious, Moving Earth


Atlas Pearl & Diamond Pendant, Pamela Lauz, 2022, 18K White & yellow gold, Tahitian pearl, diamonds, 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm

Pamela takes inspiration from nature and architecture to create remarkable sculptural jewellery. The Atlas Pearl & Diamond Pendant is made from 18 karat white and yellow gold, complimented by a diamond ring and a Tahitian pearl center. The construction of the pendant is stunning! Note how the diamond and gold rings intersect to encase the precious pearl. The viewer can envision the delicately balanced gem moving in a slow rotation. Pamela’s design integrates the formal qualities of balanced circular shapes with a high-value representation of our cherished globe. The delightfully constructed form will provide the wearer with a dynamic piece of jewellery that is enhanced by the pendant’s sense of movement.

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Elegance in Colour and Light

Cranberry Wine Glass, Michael Gray, 2022, Glass, 4.25 x 3.75 x 0.375 inch

Michael creates functional glass artworks inspired by natural imagery, like the light organic design that compliments the base of the Cranberry Wine Glass. As a hand crafted piece, Michael ensures each glass is created with a charming characteristic quality. Familiar to the classic wine glass shape, Michael’s vision of the slight obtuse curve shapes the coloured glass with a creative intrigue. Due to the flat base, the outward angled shape creates a gorgeous coloured reflection from the shadow under the right lighting. Michael’s consideration of form, colour, and light provides the wine glass with an elevated significance and unquestionable elegance.

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