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July 12 – 14, 2024.

Four Questions for Four Unique Artists

Welcome to April. One of the things we miss the most these days is the casual and light conversations that lead to joyful, unexpected discoveries.

We sent out four questions to four TOAF award winners and we were delighted by new things we learned. The following conversations come as close to a casual in-person chat as possible with these wonderful award winners: Emily Carriere – Winner of Most Innovative Use of Material, Shelbey Dodds – Winner of Best of Jewellery, Tania Love – Winner of Best of Paper, and Eugenia Chan – Winner of The Power Plant Emerging Artist Award. 

Chatting with artists about their work, inspiration, and building a personal connection to their art is one of the most rewarding aspects of TOAF. We encourage you to reach out to your favourite artists (and support your local food and beverage shops like Henderson Brewing), and keep these conversations going until we meet in person again. 


Rapidfire Round!

2019 Award Winners

It comes together, Emily Carriere, 60" x 40", cut drawing of dichroic film on clear acrylic, coated in resin, 2020

Emily Carriere, Most Innovative Use of Materials

Supported by: Lonsdale Gallery

Emily Carriere is a Toronto based artist that creates intricate cut out vinyl and acrylic artworks. Working intuitively, she lets the process take over, which allows the work to reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. The results are abstract images which can be interpreted an endless variety of ways depending on the viewers experiences, memories, and histories.

Describe your TOAF experience in 5 words or less: Thrilling, Overwhelming, Inspiring, New Opportunities

Describe your current body of work in 3 words: Experimental abstract cells

When you were a kid, you wanted to be a: Marine Biologist

Your vice: White wine and strawberry marshmallows (not at the same time)

Nothing to Tell, Emily Carriere, 13.25" x 12.25", cut out layered vinyl drawings on custom cut acrylic with resin, 2020


Shelbey Dodds, Best of Jewellery
Supported by: Harry Enchin & Susan Friedrich

Shelbey Dodds is a contemporary jeweler based in Toronto. She received her BFA in Jewellery Design + Metalsmithing from NSCAD University in 2015.  Her work examines objects of utility, executed through the use of minimal forms and idyllic colour. She was accepted as an Artist-in-Residence (Metal) at the Harbourfront Centre in 2017

Junction Drop Earrings, Shelbey Dodds, 14kt yellow gold, sterling silver, powdercoated brass, 8.5 x 1.3 x 0.4cm, 2017

Describe your TOAF experience in 5 words or less: Hot. Sweaty. Super. Summer. Fun!

The most rewarding thing about being an artist: Having the liberty to create my own schedule.

The hardest thing about being an artist: Managing my time appropriately within all that liberty!

Coffee vs. tea: Coffee.

Utility Post, Shelbey Dodds, powdercoated brass + steel, 4.5 x 2 x 2cm, 2019


Tania Love, Best of Paper
Supported by: The Japanese Paper Place

With a keen interest in materials, Tania Love creates art work that invites slower rhythms and relationship to natural cycles.


waking in a strange light, milk paint on panel, 18" x 18" (left) and detail of growing, milk paint on canvas, 36" x 24" (right). Both works by Tania Love.

Describe your TOAF experience in 5 words or less: conversation connection community

Describe your current body of work in three words:  quiet  light  bourgeoning 

Favourite pastime during social distancing: Reading … 100 pages left to War & Peace … then I’ll likely find my nose in a botanical history book.

Coffee vs tea: Both! My mornings always start with tea then I have a coffee with breakfast or a mid-morning snack. ???? 


LENA DROPS, Eugenia Chan, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, 2019

Eugenia Chan, The Power Plant Emerging Artist Award
Supported by: The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

Eugenia Chan explores the self-reflection of moments linked to precious life lessons and experiences. In doing so, she unravels her idea of what it means to be human, utilizing the purest form of these experiences she crafts them into modern and wearable heirlooms. 

Describe your TOAF experience in 5 words or less: A dream – true community connection.

Describe your current collection: Kairos, a good measure of Unmerited Grace and Sausade versus Doubt.

The hardest thing about being an artist: The hardest parts will always be the doubt and isolation, that for my work I am in constant self reflection of my surroundings and state of mind. As an artist, I have to surround myself with those who understand me, whom I trust wholeheartedly to tell me the truth, so finding that in itself is a challenge. There is a sense of validation that every artist seeks, though we are afraid to admit it, we need this as a sign to continue, to motivate or push us towards the journey we need to take to find our voice. I am in constant doubt and that's okay because that's the beauty, you have to understand the bad to understand the good.

Favourite restaurant in Toronto: Definitely don't like sharing my secret spots but if you haven't tried Sugo and Hanmoto you are missing out! Get the rigatoni and tiramisu from Sugo and salmon aburi ending with their miso ice cream from Hanmoto – that's all I'm saying!

LEONA DISKS, Eugenia Chan, Sterling Silver, 2019

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