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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Featured Artist: Mark Gleberzon

Mark Gleberzon is a Toronto artist that works in mixed media.   Owner of the MJG Gallery on Queen St in the Leslieville area, Gleberzon plays the difficult game of producing his own work and promoting a series of notable artists in his gallery.  A fearless artist and promoter of artists, Mark is indefatigable in his work and energy within the Toronto art scene.

Gleberzon’s work focuses upon the discarded momentoes of our lives. Fragments of found objects are brought together and highlighted into beautiful assemblages that create stories about identity, personal space and history. Gleberzon uses vintage artifacts, photographs, salvaged wood & picture frames, natural historical elements. All of these components are used with original paintings or photographs.

These pieces evoke nostalgia but also have a surrealistic tone. Reminiscent of Joseph Cornell and Robert Rauschenberg, Gleberzon delves into the realm of the familiar.  These pieces have a familiarity yet when placed together a new innovative statement is made.  Like Cornell, there is sense of the surrealistic. Yet the use of the non-traditional materials placed in a variety of structures, boxes, 2-d paintings, photographs relates to the fearlessness of Rauschenberg. There is a freshness to Gleberzon as he relates to our loss of our memories of the physical reality.

Gleberzon stated that he would love to collaborate with  “Andy Warhol or a Victorian-era taxidermist or museum curator; in terms of a living person, (mixed media and performance artist) Nick Cave, (figurative-digital artist) Ray Caesar and/or work for a scenery designer on the sets of a broadway show or runway (fashion) show”

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