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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Featured Artist: Dan Driscoll

This week we spoke with a veteran of our exhibition, Mr.Dan Driscoll. His involvement with the exhibition has spanned longer than our records show and he has been a representation of our commitment to making strong connections within our community through strong character, and humbling talent. See what he has to say below.

TOAF: Which artists inspire your work?

Dan: My work has evolved over the years and so the artists that inspire me are constantly changing. Although, I have always found inspiration in the work of the great sculptor, Eva Hesse. I love her simple organic work. I am also a fan of many of the Canadian realist painters, especially Christopher Pratt and Jack Chambers.

TOAF: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be? 

Dan: Although I am a sculptor, I would love to collaborate with a painter in some way, and Christopher Pratt would certainly be one of them. Although, in every TOAF I come across many artists I would love to work with.

TOAF: What is your most challenging struggle with your work or creative process? 

Dan: As far as the challenges and struggles with my work and the creative process, I would say that I am probably far to critical of what I make. I scrutinize the work to the point of torture sometimes. I have never yet been completely satisfied with a piece, and in some way’s that can be good I suppose. Emotionally exhausting, but creatively a good thing.

TOAF: Tell us something interesting or quirky about yourself 

Dan: A quirky thing about myself ?? Man, I could be writing all day. I am an artist you know!! But one thing, well, I have to get a haircut every week.

TOAF: Where can we see your work?


Check out Dan Driscoll at Nathan Phillips Square, July 4-6 during the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

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