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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Margaret Gdyczynski Receives Best of Photography Award


The recipients of TOAF’s Best of Photography & Digital Media and Honourable Mention have one thing in common: They push the boundaries of traditional photography. The results are dynamic works that span artistic disciplines and reward the viewer with optical delight. 

Margaret Gdyczynski’s work centres on creating photographic composites that capture the essence of architectural details and urban landscapes, drawing inspiration from Toronto’s dynamic environment. She layers images to evoke the complexity of human memory, akin to double exposure in film. Through her art, Margaret explores the intersection of personal experiences and public spaces, revealing the profound impact they leave on individuals.

Best of Photography is supported by Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival and judged by Nadya Kwandibens, Photographer & Current Photo Laureate, City of Toronto. We’re looking forward to the launch of the CONTACT Photography Festival this upcoming May. 

Honourable Mention goes to the collaborative duo Jane Pike and Jeff Turner and is supported by Toronto Image Works

At the TOAF offices, we’re preparing to send artists the jury results for TOAF63. We can’t wait to share the results with you and see you this July at Nathan Phillips Square. 

TOAF Asks: What Inspires you?

Margaret Gdyczynski on every day inspirations

The Sonndr. Margaret Gdyczynski, giclee (inkjet) print, 2022. 

“My newest and oldest inspiration is persistent. It’s the interior of a coffee shop, waiting for your cappuccino gives you a moment to look at your surroundings and notice the details in the space; the light through the doorway or the reflections on the espresso maker, no matter how extraordinary or mundane, these spaces have not ceased to inspire.”
—Margaret Gdyczynski 

Honourable Mention, Photography & Digital Media

Supported by Toronto Image Works

Jane Pike and Jeff Turner combine their design and photographic expertise to create uniquely vibrant pieces that bridge mediums and stand out in a crowd. Each subject is captured by Jeff, then transformed collaboratively through digital painting to reveal new colour potential. A multidisciplinary effort, Jane Pike & Jeff Turner infuse everyday objects with saturated hues and pigments, transcending conventional perceptions of light and shadow.

Cio-Cio. Jane Pike & Jeff Turner, Pigment print with resin on wood, 2023.

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