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TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Kevin MacLean Wins Best of 3D Works

Excellence in Three-Dimensional Art

Kevin MacLean uses a wide range of materials in his practice: oceanwood, wire, clock mechanisms, industrial surplus, and found objects. Engaging in a form of artistic archeology, MacLean has bins brimming with parts and ocean-tumbled wood. His approach involves a spontaneous emergence of vessels, weaving maritime tales without a predefined plan. The result are distinct 3D vessels inspired by WW2 warships and historical vessels.

Through his unique perspective, MacLean’s creations tell stories and hint at the memory housed within inanimate objects. MacLean’s sculptures have been shown at the Mary E Black Gallery in Halifax, Crafts New Brunswick, Crafts Nova Scotia, and the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

The Best of 3D Works Award is generously supported by the Greenrock Charitable Trust in memory of Al Green. Thank you for championing artists working in Three Dimensional Art. 

We hope you enjoy the intricacies of MacLean’s work. 

Hear from the Artist.
MacLean on what it means to receive Best of 3D Works.

HMCS GNARLED, Kevin MacLean, 2022, Oceanwood, wire, clock parts, vintage hardware, surplus hardware and brass shims.
“I have been exhibiting at TOAF since 1992, pretty much every year, and it’s interesting to look back and see how my work has evolved and changed. So receiving the award for Best in 3D in 2023 was a completely amazing surprise and an honour, considering I am a self-taught artist, but I also feel like my current work is a gathering and fine polishing of all the various facets of work, experimentation, and skills that I have learned over the years. The TOAF brings together such a wonderful bunch of creatives and art lovers, always an exciting pleasure.”

Hear from the Judge

Michelle Forsyth, Artist & Professor, OCAD University

“I enjoyed this work a lot. Not only because I grew up on a sailboat, but because it is delicate and masterfully done. It also reminds me if the pieces in the bottom of the AGO. It was very hard to adjudicate this category because I am attracted to the cute and useful. So I went against my love of cuteness. This is the work of a master tinker.”

—Michelle Forsyth, Artist & Professor, OCAD University.

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