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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

An Ode to magical drawings ✍️

Both Katherine Curci and Kaitlin Mason create masterful illusions in their magical drawings using the most familiar of all materials – coloured pencils and charcoal. 

Katherine Curci’s moody and mesmerizing black-and-white landscapes are now showcased at the Gladstone House as part of a new $1,000 cash and exhibition opportunity award, generously supported by Gladstone House

One is tempted to reach out and touch Kaitlin Mason’s twisted, folded, crumbled illusionary fabrics to see if they’re real. She is the recipient of the 2022 Honourable Mention in 2D Works supported by Tri-Art Manufacturing

Enjoy getting to know them and their work. Please remember that the end of March is your last chance to take home works from TOAF61 artists

Thank you to all the artists who applied to our upcoming Fair. We truly appreciate your efforts – we are astounded to receive 1020+ applications!  And, thank you to friends and community partners for supporting our call and spreading the word. We can’t wait to see how our jurors curate a dynamic roster for this year’s showcase – stay tuned. 

Spring is definitely in the air, and here is our final curated collection of TOAF61 artists by the TOAF team to celebrate the arrival of the season of renewals. 

Katherine Curci

Recipient of the inaugural Gladstone House Award 

Katherine is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario. She completed her BFA in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University in 2014 and received a Certificate of Advanced Visual Studies at OCAD Self-Directed Studio Program in Florence, Italy. In 2017, she furthered her creative education at CMU where she studied Special Effects Makeup Art and Design for TV and Film. Through the study of land, sea and cityscape, Katherine explores the consuming contrast between light and shadow. Each charcoal drawing is an emotional representation of our ever-changing environment and mental state of being. These standing images, although beautiful, conjure feelings of uncertainty in their use of texture, shadow and reflection.

Drive at Dusk, Katherine Curci, Katherine Curci, 2022, Charcoal and conte on paper.

From the award judge

At first glance, Katherine Curci’s works appear to be black-and-white photographs. But on closer examination, the velvety deep blacks and soft greys reveal that the works are charcoal on paper. The drawings are atmospheric, conveying a sense of quiet. Simultaneously mysterious and peaceful, her works invite the viewer to be enveloped in space or the landscape.

-Lee Petrie, Curator & Arts Program Manager, Gladstone House

Katherine Curci hanging her work at Gladstone House.

Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

I would have to say Zaria Forman. She’s an American artist based out of New York who focuses on climate change through hyper-realistic pastel drawings. Not only are her drawings stunningly beautiful, but her commitment to environmental issues is truly inspiring. I dream about seeing her work in person, so having the opportunity to actually meet her and collaborate with her would be incredible.

Kaitlin Mason
Honourable Mention in 2D Works

Kaitlin is an award-winning artist based just outside of Toronto, whose drawings are created by adding multiple layers of coloured pencil on wood. This layering technique builds the colour saturation and vibrancy of each fabric creating a painterly effect. The raw wood panel adds an additional element of organic detail which is unique to each piece. Her drawings investigate the figure and the vacancy of human presence as a purposely arranged garment. By playing with light and shadows, the piled piece of fabric transforms a mundane item into a sculptural entity. The small sample of fabric belongs to something larger, something more, something left unknown; it is a moment captured, never to be ‘that’ again.

Red Lace Detail #1, Kaitlin Mason, 2023, Coloured pencil on wood.

From the award judge

Kaitlin’s skill at drawing, along with her choices of using coloured pencils on wood to represent patterned textiles, result in a series of strong illusionary statements.

– Michael Klein, Director, MKG127 Gallery

Kaitlin Mason in her studio.

Describe your studio space

I have two large drawing tables, one sits right under the window to soak up all the natural light, and the other table holds all my coloured pencils and creates a colourful display. I also have all my colour palettes that I create for each drawing hanging on the wall, so it’s easy to revisit and reference them when I am starting a new drawing.

Upcoming Exhibitions

My first big exhibition of 2023 is the Artist Project happening April 13-16, at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto.

Curated Collection

Spring Vibes
By the TOAF Team

Sugar Maple 1, Sulphur Springs, Angela Snieder, 2020, Original hand-drawn and hand-printed copper etching, printed in limited editions on archival cotton rag paper
 In the Garden, Suzanne Aulds, 2021, Oil painting and quilting. Still available at

Finding new homes

Boundless, Boyd Waites, 2022, Oil painting
Phoenix, Bonnie McQuillan, 2022, Cut collage paper with modelling paste and acrylic paint.

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