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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

A Very Special Memento

Olena Lopatina, 'Swimming in a Lake', 2019, oil on canvas

Dear Friend of TOAF, 

We've missed you! 

Usually, as we kick off our new season of newsletters, we share the highlights of the summer Fair with vibrant photographs and images. It dawned on us that we don't have a similar visual memory of all the incredible connections we have sparked with our artists, visitors, and community this year. It's bit strange not be able to pull out tangible memories of physical togetherness.

But the upside is that our dynamic artist interviews, Studio ToursArt Talks, and off-the-cuff awards ceremony videos are still available for you to access as great reminders of our wonderful digital gathering. We also decided to put together a very special video featuring our three top Award Winners of #TOAF59 as a final memento and ode to Toronto Online Art Fair's artists. We hope you enjoy this introduction and look forward to learning more stories of our award winners in the coming months. 


Watch the TOAF59 Award Winners video on our Youtube channel

This past Fair, despite its unusual format, wasn't short on memorable moments, success stories, and rapid positive growth for our organization as well as our artists. We were proud to learn that over 40% of our artists had their first-ever online sale with us. It is also truly heartwarming to see that our loyal visitors have continued their support of our artists even after the show by continuing to bring in over 50 works of art to their homes. There are still many wonderful artworks that will bring joy and creativity to your spaces, so please keep up the positive vibes you are extending our artists and continue exploring the thousands of woks on our website.

As you know, next summer is the 60th anniversary of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, so we are very excited to work on this milestone occasion. Our 2020 Call for Artists opens on Monday, November 30, 2020. Mark your calendars! We will be hosting a series of virtual information sessions, so stay tuned for more details in October.

Talk soon,
anahita azrahimi
Executive & Creative Director 

Danny Cardoso, 2020, reductive linocut on Japanese paper

Nancy L Moore, 'View from the Loft', 2020, acrylic on gallery canvas

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40 Under Forty

We invite you to see the works of some the exciting artists of TOAF in 40 Under Forty (more info below) curated by TOAF's long-time friend, Curator and Artist, Flavio Belli. 

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Columbus Centre, our friends at Villa Charities present 40 Under Forty, an exhibition of 40 artists under the age of forty. From faces to figures, still life to action painting, landscape to seascape, this broad exhibition at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery will give the audience a look at varied themes and disciplines as diverse as the young artists themselves. 

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