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July 12 – 14, 2024.

A Study on Beauty

The inspiration for making art can vary greatly: Some artists have a specific market for sale in mind, while others are inspired by spiritual and cultural muses. In this special editorial, we explore artists inspired by the beauty of life, creating artworks that reflect their unique perspectives. These TOAF61 artists find beauty in urban landscapes, people and our society, as well as the beauty of our natural environment. 


Memories in Time and Place

FEEDING THE PIGEONS IN CAMPO DI FIORI, John Y Lynch, 2020, Oil on panel, 25.25 x 19.25 x 1.13 inch

Painting is John’s favourite way to capture the beauty of life. In FEEDING THE PIGEONS IN CAMPO DI FIORI, we witness the scene of a young musician feeding pigeons on a rainy day. The musician gazes downward, so our eyes follow her gaze down to the numerous pigeons and into the background, where we see gorgeous cafe seating lit with bright red hues. The balanced composition of the painting evokes a calming feeling in the viewer. There is a particular emphasis created by the proximity of the musician, which allows us to empathize with the central figure and place ourselves into the scene with her. John’s painting brings a beautiful perspective into the mind’s eye of the viewer, as if the memory is one’s own.

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Nocturnal Visions in Landscape Photography

FC RAILS II, Pascal Normand, 2017, Photography, digital work and spray paint on canvas, 61 x 42.125 x 2 inch

Pascal combines nocturnal photography with digital art and spray paint to create unique images like FC RAILS II. In this special piece, the viewer is presented with urban constructions like industrial buildings and a railway, in harmony with the deep green and yellow hues of the surrounding grass and trees. The viewer can also appreciate the lightness of the blue sky and clouds. Pascal is no stranger to high contrast works, providing these artworks with a distinct level of detail. Through digital work, and the added interest of spray painted detailing along the outer edge, Pascal’s work is filled with texture and visual interest. Ultimately, this work presents the beauty of the modern age with a dual appreciation for natural and urban elements captured in the landscape.

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Beauty in Flames

Campfire #2, Karen Klee-Atlin, 2016, Reductive wood-cut on paper, 20.13 x 28 inch

Karen works in woodcuts, linocuts, and monoprints to express the beauty of the natural world that is often overlooked. More than that, Karen provides a quite singular perspective on these scenes! Campfire #2 is just one of Karen’s artworks that depicts a familiar scene in an unfamiliar fashion. In this work, we are shocked by the contrast between the bright, fiery flames and the black negative space of the background. The blue-grey hues of the burning wood also stand out to us, as this element directs our attention to the fire. With just three distinct colours of red, yellow, and orange, and a bright flash of white, the viewer is delighted with a sense of movement in the growing flame. Karen succeeds in presenting a beauty-filled scene in a fresh, yet simplified perspective.

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Textured Earth

Symbiosis, Kylie Sandford, 2022, Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 x 1.625 inch

Kylie creates highly detailed close-up oil paintings of the beauty found in nature, like the artist’s wonderful collection of paintings that depict the colour and light in bodies of water. In Symbiosis, Kylie presents an earthy perspective on this distinctive style. The texture depicted in the painting is particularly of note. We are attracted to the bright green hues that range from dark and fluffy to light and softly rendered. Then, we note the deep brown, grey, and red hues that ground the lighter hues, providing a great sense of depth to the painting. Framed by the intimate experience of the act of seeing, Kylie captures the intricate details of this mutual exchange between natural elements.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Woman with Red Hood and Weather, Stephen Perry, 2022, Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 x 1.5 inch

Stephen paints in a creative approach the artist describes as “stylized realism”. In the oil painting, Woman with Red Hood and Weather, the viewer is presented with a hooded figure in a bright red covering in contrast to a soft blue background. The scene is complemented by the lightly blended white circles of “weather”. The detailed folds in the red hood catch the eye of the viewer and the close-up perspective further complements this intrigue. At the same time, we are called to appreciate the delicate surroundings of this stylized perspective on a snowy day. There is a unique quality of beauty in Stephen’s representation which stems from the artist’s appreciation of the essence of the scene. This oil painting is refreshing, like a breath of fresh air on a cold afternoon.

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