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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Yuna Zhang

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 1-2

Yuna(Lei) is a recent graduate with a passion for jewellery design from OCADU. Her thesis artwork has been selected as one of the six finalists in the L. A. Pai 20th Annual National Jewellery Student Competition. She specializes in integrating traditional culture into contemporary jewellery pieces, with a particular focus on Chinese culture.

The "Ladder of human progress" Series inspiration comes from a famous quote from a Book the Ladder of human progress. (Gorky) Yuna uses the abstract geometric pattern of the stairs to express the ladder of human progress and the desire for growth and progress. Due to the surface treatments being sandblasting, she decided on the pearl to show the contrast. Make her design a difference between positive and negative spaces. Yuna's design is very three-dimensional from the front and side. Her design makes people feel a sense of space and integrates architectural elements into jewellery design.

Her designs are inspired by personal narratives and experiences, and she expresses her aesthetic through elegant curves and intricate details. Her jewellery works let wearers and viewers truly feel the stories behind each piece.

Feel free to contact me through E-mail or Instagram~

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