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Nathan Phillips Square July 7-9

Ren Lonechild

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 256

Ren Lonechild is a Cree artist from the White Bear reservation in Saskatchewan, who started drawing at the young age of 3. Having a father who is a professional artist, he grew up around art. He also became interested in comic books, drawn to the colourful images of the super heroes and the action sequences. He studied the techniques and the styles of the illustrators that he would eventually adapt into his own work.

In 2016, Ren decided to try his hand at painting and already having over 30 years of drawing experience, he caught on quickly. This launched an exciting new chapter in his life which led to two art shows and numerous sales. Shortly after, he met Johl White Duck who founded R.U.N. “Red Urban Nation Artist Collective”, a collective of indigenous artists who create murals around Toronto which led to working with R.U.N. and Street Art.
Today Ren still paints, draws, ever evolving and expanding his style, subjects and mediums.

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