Artist Gallery: Marney-Rose Edge

Marney-Rose Edge

New Westminster
Exclusively Online

I am fascinated with the complex structures created by birds, built to house the most fragile of objects, their eggs. Some birds discard a nest at the end of a season never to return to it, their purpose fulfilled. Abandoned nests are reclaimed by nature, and birds start the building process anew year after year. Nests first found their way into my practice 7 years ago using acrylics.

My exploration continued in 2021 and the nests evolved when I started using new painting tools, powdered charcoal and cold wax medium on Yupo paper. These brand new works are a result of my search for another way to express the fragility and textures found in nature.

I am seeking to create a balance of organic marks with both hard and soft edges, and through this process I am consistently surprised when I step back and discover a nest of photographic quality has been created. Just like nature, the longer you view these paintings, the more you discover.

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