Artist Gallery: Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson


I’m a 1957 issue Ontario born Toronto artist, blessed to be married to my patron. After decades spent punching a clock and raising a family, I now have the opportunity to explore my creativity.

My sight is impaired by antimetropia - one farsighted & one nearsighted eye, leaving me with compromised depth perception. My visual experience is full of uncertainty in spatial relationships, with surprises and subtle puzzles at every turn making me constantly question the real world. Eventually my art led me from trying to understand physical relationships to musing about relationships between time & nature.

A Canadian lens gives me vital conceptual images to help me envision my environment. My art often uses animals as Gaia’s powerful, ancient agents, her spirit moving within the universe. Teasing out cycles, I explore depth & nuance in relationships and structure, my art turning my 2D worId 3D. I’m always deepening my appreciation of my unique eye & innate sense of wonder and whimsy.

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