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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

Nathan Phillips Square July 7-9

J A Fligel


As a child I was very shy and have dyslexia. Art was an avenue for my expression and creativity. Every material I picked up, I pushed it's limits.

Figurative work was both fascinating and difficult. This fueled my enthusiasm to continue to sculpt.

I was intrigued by bronze; how the light played on its surfaces, making a piece come alive. The strength of the material allows it to defy gravity to a certain extent, allowing greater possibilities in compositions.

The production of bronze, is done close to the same way by hand as it was two thousand years ago and the durability will last beyond this time frame.

Exhibitions include those nationally and internationally. My work is in both private and public collections in Europe, New Zealand, and Canada. At the University of Western Ontario, London, with the sculpture "Professionalism" and two bronze sculptures are within the Hockey Hall of Fame collection, Toronto.

I am able to accommodate custom commissions.

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