Artist Gallery: Ilinca Ghibu

Ilinca Ghibu

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 33

Born in Romania, Ilinca Ghibu grew up in Montreal. She first followed a traditional path that brought her to the practice of law for over fifteen years. During that period, she regularly took art classes. Her artistic sensitivity as well as her insatiable desire to create convinced her to dedicate herself full time to art.
Throughout the years, she developed a unique floral language that characterizes her process. Her style is expressive, spontaneous and colorful. Her brushstrokes and her palette are the tangible result of her imagination. Painting flowers is an excuse to explore materials and techniques in accordance with her emotions, her experiences and her moods.
In order to structure and push further her process, Ilinca completed a training at UQAM University in Visual Arts.
Since 2013, Ilinca participated in many exhibitions, art fairs and other activities that put her work forward. Her paintings are shown in various galleries in Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

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