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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Henry Hao

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 127

Hello everyone, I'm Henry Hao, a painter and watercolor illustrator hailing from Toronto. With a background in fashion design, I graduated from the School of Fashion and Art Design at Donghua University and furthered my studies at the SAGA International Design Center in Copenhagen. Through my illustrations, I offer a unique interpretation and understanding of the world, showcasing my creative vision in the realm of artistic expression.

My artistic journey is fueled by a profound passion for the creative process, drawing inspiration from the distinctive ambiance and cultural tapestry of Toronto. In recent years, I have dedicated myself to crafting works that reflect the urban humanity and allure of this vibrant city, with the "Toronto Impressions Series" serving as a prominent body of my work.

Characterized by meticulous attention to detail, my art revolves around the interplay of lines and colors. I strive to capture the essence of each subject, infusing my pieces with a harmonious rhythm and a captivating sense of aesthetics. I firmly believe that lines play a pivotal role in conveying the expressive power of a composition, breathing life into the artwork. Colors, on the other hand, serve as a vital medium through which I communicate emotions and evoke atmospheric qualities.

My artworks predominantly revolve around capturing fleeting moments from everyday life, employing subtle gestures and expressions to illuminate the depths of human emotions and introspection. By creating a unique ambiance and narrative, I aspire to resonate with viewers, instilling within them a profound emotional connection and a source of inspiration.

I am immensely grateful for the recognition and support my artworks have garnered, finding homes among art collectors who appreciate the essence of my creations. If you are intrigued by my portfolio, I cordially invite you to visit the 62nd Toronto Outdoor Art Fair,taking place at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto from July 7th to 9th, 2023. You can find me at booth number 127,where I will be delighted to meet you personally and provide an in-depth introduction to my works. Alternatively, you can stay updated on my creative journey and explore my latest creations by following me on Instagram at

Thank you for your time and interest in my artistic endeavors. I eagerly anticipate connecting with you through the captivating language of art.

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