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Geoffrey Cheung


I’m a visual artist whose current photographic practice is centred around my ongoing rediscovery of family and heritage. As a first-generation Chinese-Canadian, I’ve often found myself adrift in the turbulence of competing identities and cultural inheritances. My photographic and digital works are explorations of these tensions within me. I create digital composites using the photographs taken during my travels. I use a variety of multiple exposure and digital painting techniques to reimagine the landscapes, objects, and figures captured. This process of art-making allows me, in a way, to meditate on these memories and histories—enabling me to revisit, without leading emotions or biases, those meaningful and powerful moments that have shaped my family and myself.

For inquiries about my artwork or any other questions about my practice, please email me at [email protected] or find me @geoffrey.l.cheung on Instagram.

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