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TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Fabrizio Sclocco

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 136

Fabrizio Sclocco is a Italian-Canadian contemporary figurative artist born in Pescara, Italy in 1989. Architectural drop-out, he moved across the pond in 2012, establishing himself as an Artist and Set Designer in the film industry in Toronto.

Influenced by the Renaissance masters and his background as a set designer, Fabrizio personalized the contemporary figurative painting genre through the use of deep rich colours, an emphasis on patterns and surfaces, and a strong interest in the effects of light. The composition of his work relies heavily on the intentional use of negative space, symbolizing moments of pure consciousness amidst the push and pull of thought and emotion. Fabrizio’s narrative work displays a unique technique of “playing outside the rules” that distinguishes the artist from his contemporaries. By referencing memories to reflect on present emotions, Fabrizio fills his paintings with elaborated brushstrokes, classical architectural components, and visual symbols as layers for the viewers to decode.

Fabrizio's art practice is full of theatrical figurative symbolism. The reoccurring element in his work is elegant almost sculpture-like figures used to depict the surface layer or a mask we tend to put on to be accepted by society. When taking a closer look, the viewer realizes that something is hidden inside as the bodies are hollow - a metaphor for a traumatized inner self. Through the use of harsh light and shadows, Fabrizio casts a light on the void space inside and around his figures, symbolizing a hidden wound, and the overall loneliness of his subjects. These bodies also become symbols of armours used to embrace and respond to trauma, judgement and failure. The skin of these figures is always torn and bruised as if they have had their past. This is what identity is made of.

Fabrizio pushes the boundaries and reflects social disorder and important and uncomfortable aspects of our culture, thus, serving an important role in our modern society. His practice is all about self-healing and self-exploration as we are never complete inside and are always a “work in progress”. Art helped the artist deal with tough times and create something beautiful out of them. By embracing his inner child, feminine and masculine energy, memories, and trauma Fabrizio is on a quest to search and explore our internal tensions, delusions, and self-deception and raise awareness for social problems. He creates art that enriches us and will resonate with future generations.

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