Artist Gallery: Emma Ducharme

Emma Ducharme


As a Tkaronto-based multidisciplinary artist, Emma Ducharme’s work seeks inspiration in the form of the escape; from the city, from the noise, from the ever-pressing demand for quantifiable success. Opting to source secondhand materials within her practice, her work is a critique of the constant capitalistic overconsumption of modernity. Choosing this repurposed materiality allows her practice to be mutable. Centered around regeneration and renewal rather than immediate visual satisfaction, the fluctuating availability of materials pushes the direction of the work to be entirely influenced by spontaneity and transformative reuse.

Looking to geometric abstraction and modernist design for inspiration, Ducharme generates a visual language rooted in feminist intersectionalities. Contemplating radically joyful anti-perfectionism in dire times, the work invites us to reflect on what it means to make imperfect objects in an era where obsessive perfectionism is the consumer standard.

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