Artist Gallery: Danielle Hyde

Danielle Hyde


Danielle Hyde is a multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist, Curator and Educator working in Tkaronto under and the Red Urban Nation Artist Collective. Their work spans numerous mediums including murals, paintings, graphic design and photography. Blending styles and materiality the work remains centered with a focus on Art's fundamental generosity expressed in partnership with the Land, our first art teacher. Every creation acknowledges that it is co-authored and offers invitations to acknowledge ourselves as 4-dimensional beings; connecting through our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirit all operating in chorus with the seen and unseen. As the Art is alive and aware when it is being observed it opens windows of understanding to the viewer. In such conversations that explore greater ethical relationality with the world and engage in Art’s shared "re-membering" of generosity and ability to humanize daily wellness we support building a decolonized inclusive community with Art.

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