Artist Gallery: Beige Blum

Beige Blum


Beige Blum, a recent OCAD U graduate, is a biracial queer freelance artist with a passion for illustration, comics, zines and character design. She creates works digitally but has a love for print media, connecting both mediums through the creation of physical zines and risograph prints! Beige's work focuses on both the lighthearted and mundane, and works of social commentary and empowerment.

Beige is also the co-founder of Dirty Laundry Collective, a collection of Toronto artists/designers, that often work collaboratively on personal projects such as zines and anthologies.

In her spare time, Beige can be found playing DnD or lusting after high-waisted pants!

Her illustration and comic work has been featured by THIS Magazine, CGMagazine Online and AFK Media.

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