Artist Gallery: Andreas Krätschmer

Andreas Krätschmer

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 52

Andreas Krätschmer studied cabinetmaking at l’École des Métiers du Meuble de Montréal and created custom furniture and home accessories under his brand WOOD YOU CARE FOR, before turning to wood-turning as the center of his artistic practice.

He exclusively uses locally salvaged wood, which he turns green, so that the drying process of the wood becomes integral part of the creation. With the use of fire, he amplifies the natural tension in the drying wood. By embracing the resulting cracks and imperfections he explores themes of fragility, resilience, and the human relation with nature.

His pieces have been exhibited in design festivals, galleries and craft shows in Ontario and Québec.
For his work inspired by our impact on the environment, he has received grants from the Canada Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council. His installation Consumed won the DesignTO award for best window installation in 2022.

He works and lives in Picton, Prince Edward County.

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