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Anam Feerasta

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Anam Feerasta is a Pakistani-Canadian artist based in Toronto. She works primarily with acrylic and oil paints on canvas and plexiglass. Anam explores oscillating feelings of fragmentation and alignment that are intimately tied to her identity and Pakistani upbringing - feelings that she believes are universal.

In this body of work, titled Embodied Fragmentation, Anam depicts women’s bodies in abstract worlds to create spaces for women like herself to question self-knowledge, share their stories, and reclaim their identities. These floating bodies and the shadows they cast allude to fragmented identities, and to the multiplicity of an identity resulting from unresolved feelings of fragmentation. Anam’s practice is inspired by collage, patterns, mythology, spirituality, family, and childhood memories of home.

She recently graduated from OCAD University with a BFA in Drawing and Painting with distinction. Anam also holds a B.A. in Economics and International Development from McGill University. Anam has exhibited her work in Toronto and Pakistan.

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