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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Parivash Hesabi

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 18

Parivash Hesabi, an Iranian-Canadian figurative painter, is a self-taught artist with a focus on women's experiences. Using acrylic as her medium, she portrays universal themes rather than specific nationalities. Inspired by the recent revolution called "Woman, Life, Freedom," Parivash captures the struggle of women fighting for change and their rights against oppressive and anti-feminist laws. Her artwork juxtaposes a modern woman with the ancient background, reflecting their resilience and vulnerability in the face of challenging transformation. These women fight for their elementary rights and humanity and their journey necessitates change. Through her evocative paintings, Parivash aims to highlight the contrast between traditional culture and the strength of contemporary women, inviting viewers to contemplate the enduring journey towards freedom and equality.

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