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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Nicola Woods

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 274

As a proud tree hugger Nicola celebrates the blossoms of our tree friends by creating shimmering images that resemble early forms of photography such as daguerreotypes. When Nicola spends time in nature, she is captivated by the way light shimmers through the tree canopy and how sunshine glows through a leaf. She brings these beautiful qualities of light into her work by layering her photographs over metal leaf. The metallic backgrounds glow and change according to light conditions lending the images an ephemeral quality.

In this tree flower series Nicola draws her inspiration from the beauty of tree blossoms and their symbolic meaning. She explores how tree flowers mark time and embody qualities of liberty, hope and grace. In this series she celebrates both the exquisite flowers of various trees and the vibrant energy of spring. Nicola also intends the images to serve as a reminder of how precious and temporal life is. Through the images she is transmitting an invitation from the trees to cherish life in each moment, for every moment is as fleeting as a blossom. For the viewer Nicola offers these photographs as a means to enjoy the delightful and refreshing vitality of spring flowers all year long.

Nicola holds a MFA from Johnson State College VT, has exhibited in North America and completed projects in art residencies around the world.

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