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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Erin Pell

Exclusively Online

I've been blowing and lampworking glass since 1999. For 2 years I apprenticed with California glass artist Mark Chapman in Palm Springs California. Since then I’ve had studios in New Hampshire, New Brunswick, and Saskatoon for the last 16 years.
My work is inspired by my love of flowers and plants especially the wild determined ones that seem to grow in the most challenging conditions. And the strong bond and associations we have with them. I don't attempt to make exact replicas of nature but reflect the feel and emotion of each plant. I work with a propane & oxygen torch to melt soda lime glass and sculpt the molten glass into each flower and leaf individually freehand without molds or presses. Once annealed the glass pieces are set in wood bases I make myself.
I post videos from my studio regularly on my Instagram if you’re interested in learning more about the process.

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