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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Deepti Saxena

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 56

As an Indian-Canadian artist living and working in Mississauga, my art journey began almost two decades ago in art college. Inspired by the love of Indian historical monuments and my family, I would spend days observing and sketching the intricacies of their magnificent architecture and the people who were drawn to them. As I studied the old masters, I developed my own style mixing different mediums and employing freehand strokes to create bold beautiful patterns.
My enduring love of abstract art is why I still approach my compositions organically, letting the shapes and colors show themselves at will. My current series “Unconditional Love” still pays homage to my Indian roots as I continue to resurrect the historical and architectural impact of these mid-century Indian monuments in my compositions. Now, I approach these beloved monuments purely from memory, where their haunting shapes rise unexpectantly in the form of domes, doors, and Indian traditional patterns as abstract forms in layered and textured compositions. In my works, black charcoal drawings meld with and gold patterns deftly reveal the enchanting secrets of Indian history. I use the muted tones to counterbalance the emotive expression of the overall composition. The giant black abstract forms embolden the canvas as invulnerable “beings” that voice their fortitude and permanence.

In my current series, “Unconditional Love,” I return to my love of black and white, adding strategical layers of gold leaf with muted tones to underscore the drama and glamour of Indian culture. These compositions resonate with both archeological beauty and a “vintage feel” as I look back at my first love of Indian culture and its heritage.

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