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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Our Office Concept

At TOAF we value resourcefulness and creating impact. Our team is agile and dynamic. We even use agile methodology to keep our head above water when things get a bit crazy. We take organizational health seriously even though, like every other small not-for-profit or charity, we deal with the challenges of 'limited resources' (read this insighful article for context if you wish).

Our recent undertaking was creating a work space that reflects our energy and work style, a place that is stimulating and inviting for our team. We first started by professionally archiving 56 years of TOAF's documents and paperwork and then we worked with the wonderful SPACE ANIMATØR to recreate our small office with a low-cost, high impact solution. The results are stunning. 

TOAF Office Redesign: A place you can call your own

"It was an honor to work with the amazing team at TOAF to transform their office space into a breathable, creative and dynamic environment; a place they can call their own. When we were first approached by TOAF to redesign their office space located at 401 Richmond, an arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto, we got really excited by the vast possibilities of crafting a creative production house for TOAF’s year-round behind-the-scene intense planning and production space. The concept was simple: a clutter-free, low-cost, flexible and modular workspace to allow future add-ons and provokes enthusiasm, pride and creativity.

We worked collaboratively with TOAF’s team to design every inch of their space to create a comfortable, open and inviting place that truly reflects their rich and long history of providing platforms to emerging and established artists, designers and makers to showcase and connect to the public.  In order to maximize the square footage and the use of natural light, we divided the room into two integrated yet separate zones; the white on white strategy is the active, easy-access library/work zone featuring a gallery wall, cozy lounge area, spacious work surfaces with wide and open meeting space to encourage collaboration and idea generation between team members.  While the black on black zone is at the front of the space where we designed a storage room for event production tools, as well as an open kitchenette and a linear wall hooks for a smoother entry to the active work zone. The black board wall acts as a buffer zone and a playful project planning tool for their post-it note calendar all year round."
– Gelareh Saadatpajouh, SPACE ANIMATØR

"This beautiful, dynamic and clean space reflects the excitement and rewards of working on the largest outdoor art fair in Canada. As an emerging arts manager building my career, I spend more time in this office than I do anywhere else. These changes have made a huge difference in my day to day work and it is incredible to have a positive, creative and conductive space to do what I love."
– Ania Harmata, Artist Relations Coordinator


Furniture Inventory:
Workstations: IKEA
Library and archive: IKEA
Meeting chairs: STRUCTUBE

See more images and details about the design below and on our Instagram.


Before and After



Funders & Sponsors

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