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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Our New Gallery Wall by Alexandra Gater & Shopify’s Make My Space Work

Featuring works from 29 TOAF artists who graciously lent us their artworks to put on display

In 2018, TOAF’s humble office at the historic 401 Richmond was transformed from a cluttered ‘90s time capsule into a modern & organized work space by SPACE ANIMATØR. (Read all about it here.) 

In 2020, alongside our online shift to present 10 days of virtual programming and a pandemic-proof long term e-commerce platform, we started thinking about how else to showcase our roster of artists as we move forward in this ‘new normal’. Frankly, we are as uncertain and cautious as everyone else about when large public gatherings can resume again. And in the meantime, our small yet beloved office space at 401 Richmond has been quiet, gathering dust since we all started working from home in March.

Fresh from this brainstorm, we approached editor, stylist, and home decor expert Alexandra Gater, to help us re-envision another way to showcase the works of our TOAF artists and perhaps give some love to our neglected work space.

Together with Shopify’s team at Make My Space Work, Alexandra Gater created a lovely gallery wall! However, due to the ever-changing challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and tightening restrictions across the province and city, the crew sadly couldn’t film our episode of Make My Space Work. The good news is that they were still able to carry on with the build, and as a result, created a beautiful new showcase space for TOAF artworks:

Thank you Alexandra, Rachel, Jenny, Xico, Alana, and everyone else from their team for making this happen! We intend to use the gallery wall to create special collections and more opportunities in the future to showcase TOAF artworks in situ.

We also want to give our special thanks to the participating artists who lent us their works for the purpose of showcasing them on the wall. We’ve created a Special Collection of the pieces featured, so you may view and purchase them directly.

View the full collection

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