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TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Sylvia Kerschl

Exclusively Online

Sylvia Kerschl grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, now living in Huntsville, Ontario and is a self taught artist.

Through the vibrant and textured landscapes of Canadian Muskoka and Algonquin, I aim to capture the essence of nature's beauty that surrounds me. My paintings, created with a combination of palette knife and brush on canvas, embody a semi-impressionistic style that truly comes to life through the use of impasto and bold colors.
Drawing inspiration from the play of light, textures of the forest, and the striking hues of fall and snow, I am constantly captivated by the emotional connection I have with the scenes I choose to paint. Whether working from a photograph or painting from memory, each piece is a reflection of the deep resonance I feel with the natural world.
As a self-taught artist, my technique is centered on the mastery of palette knife painting, which allows me to bring a unique and dynamic quality to my work. It is through this technique that I am able to convey the depth and energy of the landscapes that inspire me.
Ultimately, my creativity is fueled by emotion, and it is through my art that I seek to communicate the ineffable beauty and spirit of the natural world that surrounds us.
Active in my local arts community, my work is in collections throughout Canada.

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